Parked in the Sun ? Cool Down your Heated Up Car Interior Fast

You may not always find shade while your park your car in the daytime and if its Sunny then you might get an oven roasting effect when you get back to your car. Often times its more difficult if you are carrying kids or pets who find the hot air unbearable.

But with few cool tricks you can quickly get rid of the trapped hot air in your car interior and cool it down for a more pleasant drive afterwards even if you don't have an AC. Here are some of the tricks which works for me, and I have noticed a drastic cool down inside my car.

1. Most Efficient: Slamming Car Doors from One Side

This is something I didn't see online, and suddenly came to my mind one day. But by far its working great for me, and this process expels almost the entire hot air almost instantly.

  1. Open all the doors on both the sides. Keep the window up.
  2. Now grab both car doors on one side and get ready.
  3. Now slam and close the doors as fast you can.
  4. All the hot air will gush out in that action.
  5. Works at once. But repeat for better results.

What's happening here is, due to the fast slamming much of the existing hot air gets thrown out. Scientifically air from the outside now takes the place of the missing air, which is cooler. You try other ways using the back door and find ways that work best for you. Also try to follow the other tricks to further cool down your car inside.

2.  Using the Force of your AC Fan

Another quick an effective way to refresh the hot air inside with cooler air from outside.

  1. Lower the windows. Turn on the AC with fresh air setting, don't recirculate.
  2. Increase fan speed to the max. and the AC cooling is also at the coolest setting (see coverpic).
  3. Once you start driving hot air will immediately rush out of the car and replaced with cooler air form the outside.
  4. Within few minutes, when the car temperature feels comfortable, roll up the windows shut and switch from fresh air to recirculate.
  5. Adjust thermostat and fan settings.

Note: If you have a sun-roof you are in luck. Instead of rolling down your windows just open sunroof and switch to coldest mode AC with max fan and fresh air intake.

Car Sun shade

2 x Black Mesh Foldable Car Sun Shade [Buy]

3. Avoid Heating Up using Sun Screens

One more way to make your car cool is to avoid it in the first place. Buy these cheap sunshades in bulk like 4-6 in number and when leaving your car in the Sun, try to cover up your windows as much as possible.

The ones I bought (top) we big enough for each to cover 1 window. So if you have a set of 6, use 4 for each door and 2 for the windshield. This will reduce the amount of scorching sunlight coming in side your car thus reducing the heating effect.

Also, if you think you have parked your car in a safe place, then you can choose to keep a little gap instead of completely shutting your window tight. This will reduce the build-up of hot air inside your car since warm air will try to escape from those open gaps, thus heating up your car less and avoiding the greenhouse effect.

I tried this solar-powered car exhaust system [Buy] and I am quite happy with the results. The car seemed much cooler after my car was in the sun for almost 2 hours. Its almost like a mini ventilation system you have in an India kitchen, so you can give it a try as well.

Let us know which method worked for you best or how do you cool your sun heated car.


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