Cut Small Fruits Vegetables in Half Quickly: Grapes, Cherry Tomatoes

If you are cooking curry or preparing a salad, often the best ingredients are small sized fruits and vegetables like cherry tomatoes, grapes, button mushrooms, jalapenos etc. But if you are not an expert with your knife, then cutting cherry tomatoes and other miniature sized items in half might take some time.

But here is a simple trick you can use to quickly slice up halves of baby potatoes, cherry tomatoes and similar food items, even eggs all at once. All you need are 2 plates and a sharp knife for this process. Here's how

  1. Take a plate and place the tomatoes you want to slice in half. Pack them close to each other.
  2. Now simply take another plate and gently press down on the items.
  3. Now run your sharpened knife along the middle and work your way through in a sawing motion.
  4. Done, your entire batch sliced into half all at once. (see pic below)


Cut Cherry Tomatoes into Halves in One Go

Watch this video to understand how this simple 5 second process works.

Cherry tomatoes, grapes and baby potatoes are not the only food items you can slice in half this way. You can use the same technique to slice hotdogs sideways, limes, eggs, almonds (yes it works, but you need more skill), slice jalapenos sideways, berries and several others you can think of.

Not only do you save time, but by cutting food into tinier pieces you reduce the risk of any choking hazards from salad items like grapes. It also adds more flavor to the dish you are preparing. So, utilize this simple sideways slicing trick to reduce your kitchen preparation time. Also watch the bonus video below.

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