Fun Ways to Teach Kids, Toddlers English Alphabets

The first major step for any child would be to learn the English alphabets. Since, it is their first attempt to learning the language; it holds equal importance to the parents as well. Although, imparting the basic knowledge to your kids may seem like a herculean task, it is not like that in reality. A child, in his developmental stage, can adapt to any new learning experience with ease if taught in a suitable way.

Some kids usually grasp the alphabet as their parents start teaching them early; as they start speaking and identifying various things while the other kids take a little time to get the same settled in their heads. Parents have to be very cautious as to how they choose to make their children get a hang of their first ever real learning basics.

7 Ways Teach your Kids the English Alphabets

The English alphabets historically developed to support a way for quick retention. Hence, knowledge of the alphabets should be imparted to a kid in the way they like it the most. If your child chooses to learn it in a fun way, get them things that make them get the hang of the letters in the way they prefer. If your kid plans to learn it in a serious way, help them do it in the same manner.

Here are some entertaining ways to encourage your kid learn the alphabet in a fun way:

  1. Lego: Kids are very fond of Lego because they are colorful, and they like linking together pieces to build something. Model each alphabet with the Lego blocks and describe the same along with it. Kids who love to play with them will notice and try to match the same in an instant. With added visualization, you are also helping your child memorize shape to the pronunciation of the alphabet you are making which makes it simple to identify the ABC's later.
  2. Alphabet Puzzles, Blocks: There are various puzzles that are available in the market that help a child build pieces together to one alphabet. This game gives them a sense of shape as well as it teaches them the alphabet. A Parent can accompany their kids while they are at the task of joining the pieces together and give the children the sound of the alphabet that often helps them learn sooner. Buy puzzles with big pieces for kids of that young and age and make sure that they are getting parental guidance when the kids are playing with it.
  3. Nursery Rhymes: Usually parents have audio tracks of nursery rhymes in the house that they keep playing so that the kid will memorize the same sooner or later. Have these records handy at all times. There is an alphabet rhyme that could easily be downloaded. Play it for your kids when they are the most attentive. This poetry settles in kids mind as the tune is very catchy. With the tune, the kid will also be able to remember the alphabet.
  4. Alphabet Posters: Children of a young age have unusually high receptive powers. You could get your child a life-sized poster of all the alphabets with catchy images, which will stay in their minds. It will also help the kid a memorize and map the character they will be pronouncing. Parents could emphasize on the same poster every day so that the child makes it a point to revise whenever he crosses the chart.
  5. Bed Time Story: As you become parents, you master the art of reciting bedtime stories to your children. As your kid grows up, you could read to him stories that involve the alphabet. For instance, you could start with: "A and B were best friends". Since kids love bedtime stories, and while sleeping, a person remembers whatever is being recited to them, they will surely remember the letter. Make sure your story starts with sequence same as the alphabet.
  6. Old-School: If none of the things above work for you; try teaching the alphabet in the old school way. Make your child sit and learn the alphabet, while you are reciting the same. Probably your child would be able to grasp this sooner than the methods mentioned above. Also, try to get the child to recite the alphabet back to you thrice a day, and he will be able to memorize the same in no time.
  7. Mobile Apps: There are several apps to teach English alphabets for kids. Check your smartphone app store for the best rated and reviewed apps that help teach alphabets and other pre-school knowledge to your kids in a fun playful manner.

All these methods should help your child learn the alphabet sooner and also in a fun way. There is very less difficulty in starting off the first alphabet training session for kids. There are no preset ways designed for the same.

If your child refuses to learn from all these methods, you could try a completely new approach as you know your kid the best. And since it is the foundation of his entire life ahead, your child should be taught in a way so that he can memorize it with less difficulty.


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