Tips to Keep Gold-Silver Jewellery Shiny, Remove Tarnish

People who buy expensive ornaments like gold and silver understand the pain to keep your jewellery clean periodically. The saying, "All that glitters is not gold" should be rephrased as "All that does not glitter, may be gold". If you buy silver or gold, you have to make sure that they are not in contact with moisture or sweat too often. If you are placing it where there might be heat, then your jewellery will undoubtedly lose its shiny, lustrous finish.

Maintaining your delicate jewellery requires an effort. But seeing dull tarnished pieces of jewels can make your heart break more than anything else in the world. Giving your expensive jewellery at the jewellery shop regularly is not only expensive and risky but also adds to the whole hassle of managing the same. Therefore, to make it simple and cost-effective, there are a few homemade solutions that you can adopt to care for your jewellery.

Keeping your Gold, Silver Jewelry and Ornaments Shiny, Tarnish Free

You can use a variety of household items like a toothbrush to make your stones shine. But there are few techniques that only a professional can tell you about the process of cleaning the ornaments and bring back their lost shine and lustre.

1. Salt Water Bath

Remover Tarnish from Jewelry Salt WaterThis technique the most practical way to clean your jewellery as salt helps take your all the blackness from the pieces. The way to make a bath for your jewellery is that you boil water in a bowl and add salt to the same. Dip your pieces of jewellery in it and remove it after some time when you think all the dullness is going off. 

Once you take out the ornaments, clean it with a dry cloth. You will notice that all the black crud and tarnish on your jewellery pieces will go away, and there is a subtle sheen on your jewellery. Use a toothpick or an ear-bud for corners, nooks and crannies. Keep it in back in the boxes, and it will remain the same for a few months.

2. Salt with Aluminium Foil

Remover Tarnish from Jewelry AluminiumHeat water in a pan and add a tablespoon of salt in it. Then stir till the salt completely dissolves in the bowl. You can then add pieces of aluminium foil in the same. Dip your gems or jewellery to the bowl. The aluminium will react with the salt and remove all the oxidized deposits and dullness, tarnish off your jewellery and will give you shiny pieces of jewellery which are as good as new.

If you don't have salt, you can also use baking soda for better results. Watch this video for further instructions.

Note: Don't use hot water for jewelry with glued in gems, stones, as it might loosen them.

3. Metal Polish

There is various types of metal polish material available in the market that can help you clean your jewellery. You can purchase the same and give your jewellery the shine it deserves. Buy a silver polish, clean your jewellery in the steps mentioned above and put a coat of polish on it to give it the extra shine it requires and your jewellery look as good as new. These are good for single metal, or metal only ornaments like gold bangles etc. But be careful in choosing the right cleaning chemicals for the job.

4. Regular Wash with Toothpaste

Make Jewellery Shiny ToothBrush ToothpasteYes, just like you brush your teeth, gently brush your rings and other ornaments with a  soft toothbrush with a drop of regular toothpaste.

You can avoid all the methods mentioned above, this way if you make it a point to clean your most used jewelry items regularly. Have it regularly cleaned by someone or just run your jewellery under the tap through hot water to loosen the dirt and grime, then brush off the remaining dirt till no deposits are there. Using hot water and then toothbrush to clean regularly is much more convenient, as this will help you maintain your jewellery in a straightforward manner.

Also, read our article about useful uses of toothpaste for cleaning and as a lifehack product.

5. Polishing Cloth

Make Jewellery Shiny Cloth PolishThere is a fabric available in the market that is commonly known as the polishing cloth. It has certain material on it that helps the jewellery shine. All you have to do is clean your jewellery with the same at regular intervals, and there will be no dullness or black deposits on the same. There is an acid-free tissue paper as well in which you can wrap your jewellery and store it in your safe, and it will remain as good as new till you take it out.

Above mentioned are the guaranteed ways that will always help your jewellery outlast its natural quality decline. To avoid going through all these laborious processes, you can choose to store your jewellery and ornaments in an air-tight box. Hence, the reaction rate that particular jewels have in contact with air due to oxidation could be avoided.

Else you should at least keep a regularly examining your jewellery and keep cleaning it religiously and often. This way it will maintain its quality and shine just like the way you bought it. The best part about jewellery is, it never gets old with fashion, so you can wear it anytime you want to. Hence, keep it shining. Image Credits: FengLong


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