Best Apps, Tips & Tricks for Taking Great Selfies on Phone

We've all done that. Secretly, Privately, Blatantly somewhat unobtrusively! We are talking about attempting to take the perfect selfie. In the recent times, selfies have been found in abundance on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. While some prefer to click selfies at arm's length, those obsessed with perfection even resort to using a selfie stick, all in pursuit of a perfect selfie!

We know a picture can speak a thousand words, but a selfie? Well, it gives information about a person's individual style, personality, attitude, and much more. The Academy Awards selfie snapped by Ellen DeGeneres (cover) was also the most retweeted selfie ever in the recent times. (Proof enough that selfies have caught the fancy of many.)

Selfie Tips and Tricks: Take Decent Selfies on Phone Camera

The obsession to take the flawless selfie has deepened. So, we have compiled some awesome tips to photographing that excellent selfie.

Find your Most Flattering Angle and Pose

Learn how to pose in Selfies : Ever observed how famous celebrities and selfie-stars are prepared well to pose in selfies the camera? Watch and learn. One of the most important steps in taking the perfect selfie lies in the angle or tilt of your face. A slight tilt will make your selfie look surprisingly attractive rather than a full-frontal look.

Selfie Tips : Learn how to pose in Selfies

anna, juli, glmasia

When you face the camera directly, your facial features appear larger, and this results in an unflattering selfie. Practice in front of the mirror to understand which angle positively suits you best. If you are using the mirror for a full selfie shot, face the camera at a 3⁄4 angle.

Use Light to your Advantage

Sefie Tricks Get good lighting for a Selfie

ianmoran, moobyluvsme, travelgraph

Get good lighting for a Selfie : Ever wondered at the picture-perfect photographs in glossy magazines? It is all about the use of light and shade for your selfie lighting. The source of light can either make or break your selfie. You can use the morning hours (after sunrise) or the golden sunset hours to capture the perfect selfie. It creates a soft glow on your face eliminating harsh shadows. Shadows are formed typically post noon and if you are in the outdoors, find a shady spot to get an even tone in the picture.

Learn to Relax

Often, the obsession with the perfect selfie and the frustration of unflattering attempts makes us a tad edgy. The result? A selfie that seems practiced in the hope of getting a photogenic frame. Instead, allow yourself to relax. Don't freeze that smile. Be natural and let your face muscles relax. Extend your face a little higher to avoid a double chin from gaining prominence! Be a little self-aware before you snap a selfie.

Use Image Editing

Good Apps for taking Selfies : Instagram, CandyCamera, Selfie-Editor, YouCam, Retrica

Apps like Instagram allow you to snap a selfie and edit the image to suit your requirement. While celebrities rely heavily on Photoshop for a ‘little' image enhancement, you can cheat too! There are many apps that let you use filters and image adjustment features for free. If you are still striving for perfection, opt for a paid service (if your budget permits). This will give you more power to edit images quickly and post them on social media sites.

Selfie Tips: Use Instagram

Tip, read about how to edit and remove red eyes in photos taken with phone camera at night.

Bring an Element of Interest

So you've already gone on the path of natural selfies. What next? It is time to experiment with your selfie. Women can use accessories to their advantage. Bring an element of interest with a chunky neckpiece or ear jewelry in your ears. Use contrasts in your clothing so that your face stands out. A hint of bold color on the lips or eye makeup (for the night) boosts your selfie to a different level altogether.

Selfie Tips, Element of Interest


Men can add a hat or a headscarf to get more looks and add dimension to the selfie. Clicking a selfie of your feet is another trend that is catching on. Sometimes the background and surroundings can add a lot of depth and story to your self-portrait (see above selfie).

Hitting the Button

The toughest part for newbies is the click of the shutter button. You need to discover an easy way to manage the release of the button without disturbing the frame. While this is also dependent on the camera/phone model, ensure your arms are not won't be seen n at an awkward angle. Practice a few clicks to know your most comfortable angle. Beginners can hold their breath for a second (during the click) to ensure complete sharpness of the image.

Add a Subject, Pets

A Selfie can portray a selfish, self-indulgent side if you are the only subject in the frame. Experiment with the subjects to get the most of your shot.

Selfie Tips, Selfie with Pets

konoon , schramcrackers , buchsammy

For, e.g., pet selfies are great for animal lovers! A cute selfie with your pet highlights your love for animals. Else, if you are in the outdoors, capture a part of the background for an added element of interest. Try more variations, and your selfies will always have something new to say. Always use selfies with subjects especially pets for dating apps like Tinder.

For Couples selfies, just get as close as possible for taking the camera shot. See the couples below...

Couple Selfies Tips

bevgoodwin, n4n0, jdelnogal

If you are really serious about selfies use a Selfie Stick. Selfies, although synonymous with a self-obsessed generation, have given innovative ways to business owners to highlight their products. Bloggers and social media enthusiasts have used the power of selfies to connect with a new target group. While we cannot deny that selfies can be a little annoying at times, these are unquestionably here to stay.


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