Beauty Tips in Hindi for Hair Skin care Makeup at Home: Best Sites

It's common to find many websites dedicated to beauty, health, skincare, hair care and more in the English language. There are many websites, blogs and video channels that cater to a dedicated audience who prefer beauty tips in Hindi language.

To make it simple for our readers, we've compiled a list of some of the best beauty websites and blogs for hair and skin care tips in Hindi. Take a look and bookmark them for future reference.

Homemade Beauty Tips in Hindi Language:
Top Websites for Hair Care, Skin Care, Face and Makeup

1. Meri Saheli (link)

This magazine is also available in print. The magazine is aimed at a purely female audience with some of the best beauty and hair care tips. The best thing is that the website also has many useful articles like beauty tips for glowing skin in hindi. Surely helpful if you do miss purchasing the print edition! The beauty section lists out apt solutions for problems and also provides a makeup guide.

You can share your favorite beauty hacks using the social media buttons. Meri Saheli is quite popular like other Hindi magazines such as Grihashobha, Vanita, Sarita, etc. However, Meri Saheli has a better website that is updated and useful for its readers.

2. Boldsky (link)

This website includes a ‘Beauty' section that deals with all aspects related to skincare, makeup, hair care and more. Boldsky's limitless living approach also includes notable beauty tips and tricks by Gouri Kapur. She is the beauty expert with an entire section dedicated to her expert advice. Readers seeking beauty tips in Hindi will find many solutions to their problem areas.

3. Patrika (link)

Although the website has a focus on many issues, has a separate section for health and beauty. The articles in Hindi language offer a range of beauty and healthcare solutions. Many remedies can be done easily in the comfort of your home. The site lists out natural ingredients you can use in your daily beauty routines. Perfect for readers who love details outlined in Hindi!

4. Raftar (link)

This website has a neat layout for readers to browse through for latest beauty tips in Hindi. While ayurvedic recipes are featured prominently, there are separate sections for problem areas, homemade beauty masks, and more. Check it out!

5. Dainik Bhaskar (link)

A reputed newspaper in Hindi with its website. The site includes a section on ‘health and beauty'. All the articles are published straight from their Lifestyle desk team. Apart from beauty, it has a healthy mix of health care tips you can use for issues such as common cold, hair fall, seasonal problems, etc.

6. Hindi Tips (link)

The name of this website itself is a broad indication of what it has to offer for its readers. There are separate sections for hair care and skincare. The most popular items are listed on top of the website. Apart from the categories mentioned earlier, the home remedies section is sure to interest readers who want to include natural ways for beauty and hair care. There's something for every reader here!

7. Jagran (link)

An impressive website which offers a wide range of articles in its ‘beauty' section. You'll find a variety of beauty and hair care reports to engage your mind. The site also includes valuable tips to look your best without the use of makeup. 

8. Only My Health (link)

This website has a separate ‘hair and beauty' section dedicated to everyone in search of beauty tips. The site features latest posts on top giving a wide range of articles devoted to problems in beauty and skin care. Tips on hair packs, skin regimes, etc. are outlined in detail. Perhaps this is why their tagline is ‘daily dose for better living.'

9. Amarujala (link)

Although we can't claim that this site has a beauty section, it has many interesting homemade remedies for health and beauty. Their articles outline tips and tricks to keep one healthy and happy. Do check it out for some useful home remedies.

Best Beauty Blogs for Skincare and Makeup Tips in Hindi

It's interesting to note that beauty bloggers are not far behind from professional websites. These beauty bloggers share their hair, skincare, makeup tips in Hindi. Check out the list to know which blogger has spilled the beans on their beauty regimes!

1. Homemade Nuske (link)

This blog has separate sections for beauty tips, homemade tips, and lifestyle to interest Hindi readers. With thousands of followers on the Facebook page, this blog has articles related to hair care and beauty along with some exotic recipes from the chefs at heart.

2. Tips of Beauty Forever (link)

Although the website hasn't been refreshed for a long time, it does have an excellent collection of beauty articles in Hindi. Browse through the blog for beauty solutions that may be useful to you.

3. Vedic Vatika (link)

A useful blog that lists out beauty tips and hair care solutions. It also includes home remedies and a focus on Ayurveda. The blog seems to be regularly updated, and this site has an emphasis on Vedic remedies for health treatments.

Makeup Tips in Hindi Video at Youtube

Don't forget to check out these cool youtube channels that provide beauty and makeup tips as hindi videos at Youtube.

Find more at youtube.

We also have a sister website for style and beauty tips called Stylegirl, do have a look. Also, if you have a favorite Hindi website for beauty in mind? Share it below!


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