Food Safety Tips to Prevent Microwave Oven Accidents, Hazards

Out of many cool inventions, the microwave oven was probably made for your utmost convenience as it makes sure that you never eat cold food.

Apart from heating your food, you can also quickly cook a meal and prepare some excellent microwave recipes. But in all its utility there is a risk involved, as there are several items that could lead to hazardous situations if placed in a microwave oven.

You should never Microwave these Food & Hazard Items

Sometimes people tend to forget the hazards and put things that you should never microwave. Here are ten...

1. Metal Utensils, Spoon, etc.

Bowls with metallic rims or metallic utensils should not be placed in a microwave. There are many instances of this leading to a sparks and fire or an even a blast.

A microwave oven creates electromagnetic waves that bounce off the oven's metal internal surfaces and can pass through paper, glass, plastic but not metal. A metal object put inside the oven diverts these waves which then starts hopping around erratically, likely damaging the interior of the oven or the container or spoon, etc.

2. Aluminium Foil

People usually forget that their lunch might be wrapped in aluminum foil often, and they just put it directly into the microwave. Since the foil is thin metal, it has same risks as putting metallic items, which start generating sparks upon microwaving.

This spark has led to many fires in residences and offices. One should be very careful about what they are putting into the microwave especially metal and avoid life-threatening situations.

3. Take-Out Containers

These are takeout bags made of paper or cardboard. Unless you don't want to burn the house or the office down, you should never put these in a microwave. Also, the synthetic inner lining in the takeout box might melt and mix in with the food.

Take out the contents in the container and put it in a plastic bowl first before you microwave.  It will be more convenient and will reduce the chances of any contamination. Tip: See how to convert the takeout box into plates by unfolding.

4. Lunch Bags

You might have noticed this trend, that some of your colleagues will place the entire lunch bag in the office microwave. This can be a risky practice and could start a fire as the soaked grease tends to get scorching inside the microwave. Avoid doing the same as it will help avoid the chances of surprise fire in your office pantry.

5. Fruits and Vegetables

While some fruits and vegetables can tolerate heat, some like mangoes may not be able to sustain the heat that much and may erupt inside the microwave. Avoid by putting the fruit in water in a plastic bowl and then heating it if there is a necessity to use a heated fruit for your recipes. Otherwise, fruits should be cooked in a proper gas oven, or grilled over fire. Tip: Try out these healthy microwave steam cooked recipes.

6. Tomato Puree, Sauce

If any thick sauce is put in the microwave without a lid on top, it is just going to create a messy situation as these sauces will try to boil faster. Instead, they will blast inside the microwave which will be very challenging to clean.

Always make sure that you put a lid on top of a plastic container and then heat the gravy so that you don't create a messy situation for other. And, this episode will stink for days, even after cleaning!

7. Cayenne Peppers, Jalapenos

Cayenne, Jalapenos when toasted in the microwave, may catch fire. Also, if they are heated and the moment they are taken out, they might pop and sting the eyes and skin, the oil or smoke also happen to burn the throat badly. Hence, avoid grilling chilies in the microwave. If these peppers are inside gravy, then go ahead, nothing will happen to your dish. You can slice them in half to avoid the bursting.

8. Sippers, Bottles, Styrofoam Cups

Many shakers, sippers, Styrofoam cups are not fit to be put in a microwave, especially if it is made from stainless steel. For the starters, it won't heat the coffee or tea that you are carrying in there, and secondly it could also damage your microwave. Hence, avoid the same altogether. A few sippers are microwaving safe. They can be put inside without a second thought. Same goes for Styrofoam cups which melt when heated.

9. Special Plastic Containers

Always check if your plastic containers are microwave safe. If not, do not bother to put them in the microwave as chances are that they will melt, and your plastic container will be ruined entirely. Hence, also make it a point to double check and then put any plastic material into the microwave.

10. Eggs

Lastly, we have eggs. If you think you can hard boil eggs in a microwave, you may be wrong. If not careful, there can be a lot of messes that have to be cleaned up as raw eggs are hard to clean. Too much heat from the microwave creates a lot of steam inside the eggs which could end up exploding. Read the proper way to boil eggs in microwave.

Watch the video below to see what happens when we microwave the items we have mentioned above.

These were the ten things that are trouble when put in the microwave. So be safe than be sorry and also be careful as what you are dealing with may cause a lot of messes later if you are not adequately aware.


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