10 Best Lifehack Uses of Toothpaste for Cleaning Household Objects

The various frequent and prominent use of toothpaste is for the teeth! No brownie points for guessing that! While fluoride toothpaste, gel toothpaste (for fresh breath), herbal toothpaste for the conscious buyer, whitening varieties, and more have flooded the markets, it is more than just a tube of paste.

The humble toothpaste has a variety of uses you may not even knowing. Useful ways to use toothpaste includes getting rid of pimples; cloth stain removal, and even keeping your sink in a sparkling white condition. Wow! This little tube is certainly multi-purpose. Let's take a quick look at uses for toothpaste and how to make this seemingly ordinary object work for you.

Does Toothpaste Expire?

You will be shocked to know that toothpaste does have an expiry date. Over time the effectiveness of fluoride in the toothpaste declines. Otherwise, your toothpaste may just become too dried out and hard to squeeze through the tube. Toothpaste can expire, but there are countless tough cleaning chores you can accomplish with a tube of expired toothpaste. If it is too dry, cut open the tube and mix with some hot water.

Useful Tips, Uses of Toothpaste for Cleaning

1. The number of pimples on the face is sometimes equal to the number of anti-pimple face packs, face washes, and face scrubs stored in the cupboards. Swollen pimples stand out even more. Next time, dab a little amount of white toothpaste on the pimple. Leave it on for half an hour. Do not use the gel varieties. Wash immediately if a burning sensation happens. The toothpaste reduces the inflammation of the pimple and dries it up. Wash it off with clean water and pat dry.

For Skin Burns: Toothpaste can also be used on dry, hot metal burns, as it has a soothing effect on your skin but don't use on severe boils. Warning: Please do not leave it overnight and avoid if you have sensitive skin. to

As Cosmetic: You can also use toothpaste a basic scrub for your lips to get soft pink lips quickly.

2. Cleaning Shoes is a much-dreaded task. Make it easy for the application of toothpaste on the soiled areas. Use traditional white toothpaste on the dirt marks around the heel. It is useful for light colored or white shoes. 

3. Common Clothing Stains: There is an abundance of detergents and cleaning agents that eliminate stains on our clothes. Few fulfill their tall advertising claims. Use toothpaste (avoid teeth whitening varieties) on fabric stains. Give it a gentle rub. Rinse with clean water. Do not use toothpaste on delicate clothing.

Tip: Use toothpaste to shine jewellery and remove tarnish easily.

4. A dusty computer keyboard is a sign of a lazy person! Or probably, someone who has no idea of how to go about the cleaning process. Use regular white toothpaste on the keyboard. Clean gently with a cloth. If you are in doubt, rub on 2-3 keys and check the result.

5. You can use leftover toothpaste in the tube to clean carpet stains. The process is simple. Rub it on the stain. Keep a toothbrush handy to brush the stain gently. The stain will disappear without any stress!

6. Bathroom cleaning can be a messy and expensive affair. Imagine the number of chemicals we must purchase to keep it shiny and clean. Here, the toothpaste can again save some bucks! Use toothpaste in the sink or wash basin and rub gently with a sink brush to shovel out mineral deposits and dirt accumulated in the corners. Not only will the stains disappear, the fragrance of the toothpaste will be pleasing too. Use toothpaste around faucets, cupboard mirrors and shower doors made of glass. Begin with a miniature amount of a cleaning cloth and rub on the panels for a sparkling look!

7. Our favorite DVDs tend to scratch sometimes. A pea-sized portion of toothpaste works wonders to eliminate such scratches. Be careful while applying the toothpaste on the DVD. Wipe gently with a soft cloth (preferably microfiber). Do not use several touches in one go. Test one portion at a time.

8. The house cleaning process is a tedious job post a house party. Imagine seeing the horror of water rings or coffee mug rings on your favorite wooden table. Phew! Thank heavens for toothpaste. Use it on the stain and wipe dry.

9. Sometimes, we end up using an incorrect setting on an iron. A delicate cloth gets burnt due to a high setting. Apparently, the fabric pieces and burn stains continue to remain stuck to the iron. Rub some toothpaste on the base. Clean with a cloth. Then heat it and use an old cloth for some minutes. This step ensures all residues piled up earlier and remains of toothpaste have been wiped clean. You can continue using the iron again.

10. Cooking is like therapy to some. But few foods like garlic or fish leave our hands with a foul odor. Even washing the hands after cooking multiple times is not effective at eliminating the stinky smell. It's easy if you dab a little toothpaste on your fingers and give a gentle rub! Follow it up with a gently scrub using a manicure brush. You will also have shiny nails!

If you have shortage of toothpaste as a cleaning agent you can buy some at flipkart.

We hope the numerous benefits of toothpaste have set you thinking! We are sure there are countless more uses of this tiny multi-purpose tube. Always test a little amount of toothpaste on the area before you proceed further. Until then, do let us know if you have more ideas to share.


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