Avoid, Remove Water Spots on Glass, Surface after Car Wash

One option to wash a car quickly is to park it at the local car wash center. However, this is not always feasible for people who are constantly busy and on the move. Another reason is affordability. Yes, everybody loves to keep their cars in a swanky condition, isn't it? And, this is when, a DIY approach turns out to be a huge money saver for all (wouldn't we love that!)

Residual water spots are a huge problem when you quickly wash your car on your own. This situation intensifies when there is no shade available. Even if you progress quickly to wipe your wet car, the water droplets will evaporate faster in the heat. And the result? Water spots all over your favorite car! Yikes! (The situation worsens when you opt for colors such as black.)

Tip: Cool a car interior parked in the sun quick

Remove Dusty, Hard Water Spots after Hand Car Wash

These can be seen in different shapes forming all over the car. Water spots are a result of hard water. When hard water is used on a surface, it will evaporate but leave some minerals or residue behind. This happens when the TDS levels are high. There's no sure-fire way to stop the water spots forming on the car. But, we can attempt to remove them post a car wash. Here's how –

Tips to wash your car, windshield glass

You cannot skip washing your car. You can go about the task in a methodical way.

  • Firstly, never wash your car when it is warm/hot after a drive in the sun. - Avoid trying to save some bucks with a dish-washing solution. Instead, opt for a reputed car wash cleaning agent.
  • A choice of a good quality microfiber cleaning gloves, cloth will make the task easier.
  • Keep two buckets of water at hand to regular clean this mitt as it will get soiled soon (once you begin the washing).
  • The tire requires a steady supply of water from a hose. An appropriate brush for the tire will make your job easier. You can look for it online or at your local store.
  • Certain problem areas with added grease or dirt will require an additional soapy wash.
  • Once you have rinsed the car thoroughly, focus on drying the car without leaving water spots. 

Tips to get shine but remove residue, water spots on car glass & metal surface

A clean towel is one of the most common methods to dry the car. You can opt for a synthetic version as well. (Note that a polyester cloth blend in a bath towel may scratch your car.) Begin from the top of the car. An easy way is to place it flat on the surface of the car. Then, slowly, pull it in your direction. This is useful if you have a medium or large-sized towel. A hand-held squeegee or a water blade (paint-safe) should be used quickly after the towel wipe. The only glitch in this method is the presence of dirt particles. These particles give a mark when trapped between the surface and the squeegee/blade.

Apart from the traditional method of using towels, you can also look for products specifically designed to address this problem. A quick check online will display products that make this task much easier.

'Clean Cham Wet and Dry Cotton Cleaning Cloth' [Flipkart, Amazon] is a most preferred solution for drying a car without leaving any water spots. This is like a cloth that is easy-to-manage. All you have to do is lay it flat on the surface of the car and pull it towards you. Clean the hood of the car in 3 wipes. That's it! The spots are gone! Wring it to remove excess water. This synthetic drying chamois cloth is super-fast and easy to store. Use it on the glass windshield as well!

(Flipkart, Amazon)

Once you are done, simply give it a gentle squeeze and store it back in its container. Place the container in the car as it takes up less space. The wipe can also be cleaned with a gentle wash in the washing machine. Besides, you don't have to worry about dirt particles leaving a scratch mark. The Clean Cham chamois cloth absorbs and diminishes your moist car surfaces. The shine on your car will itself be a testimony of this magic wipe! Try it.

Arrange a car wash or a dust wipe daily with this chamois cloth to avoid the collection of dirt and grime. The more you delay the procedure, the longer it shall take to clean the car. Always stick to reputed brands while opting for cleaning products, car wax, cleaning cloths, etc. Having such products at hand ensures less stress when a sudden burst of rain happens! 

Imagine if your car was parked near a garden sprinkler system. The problem of water spots will be amplified. The situations can be many. But, you can tackle the problem areas effortlessly if prepared and there is proper knowledge.

Have you got a quick-fix solution to dry your car without leaving water spots? Let us know! Also check the best online cab booking apps in India.


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