Top House Party Ideas for Teens, Fun Themes for Teenage Parties

Planning a party for teenagers is a responsibility that comes with many fun essentials. Teenagers know their parents won't treat them like children anymore. The high school years is the prime time when teens can choose their cake and eat it too. So, planning teenage events can be complex as teens are all grown-up now.

An indoor party in the house may seem a bit outdated for some. Nevertheless, you can always think about suitable venues and chalk a plan. Birthday parties or TGIF parties for teenagers have to be prepared well in advance. No matter the location, you can use these fun, teen party ideas to turn the event into a complete success!

Party Themes for Teenagers, Fun Friday Night Party Ideas

The theme of the party is one of the most important decisions any parent or teen needs to make. For parents – you need to plan keeping the choice of your teen in mind. And teens – you need to plan adhering to the set budget.

TGIF - Dance Party Ideas

A dance party is ideal for teens who love to shake a leg, sometimes on a professional level! For lovers of Latin American or Jazz dance, this teen party will be a smashing hit. Foot tapping music, a roomy dance floor, good lighting, and a dress code will set the mood right. For e.g. – for a Latin American dance theme, teenagers can opt for asymmetrical skirts/dresses (for the girls) or semi­formal outfits for the guys.

TGIF Dance Party Ideas

Hire a professional dancer for the evening. His/her role will be to encourage even the non­-dancers to step out from their shell. Decorations need to include the proper focus on the lighting. Avoid adding obstructions in the area allocated for dancing. Select music as per the dance theme. It will be advisable to break the monotony with familiar tracks so that every teen can enjoy. Food can be light to keep the tempo on a high note.

Vintage, Retro Disco Party Ideas

Everyone loves a little bit of retro! Transport your teenagers to a fun-­filled environment in the past. Be it the swinging 60s or the iconic 80s. The varieties are endless. It can be the flapper dress (1920s), wide-legged bellbottoms (for girls and boys), disco era (bling and shine) or the Batik sarongs (hippie style).

Vintage, Retro Disco Party Ideas

The costumes are easy to create, and you can decide the year based on popular demand. Include typical retro graphics as per the selected period. For e.g. a blast of color in the overall décor, peace symbols, flowers, zany banners, and more can be included in a hippie theme. Food can include a healthy mix of old recipes and new items to satiate everybody's taste buds.

Masquerade, Creative Costume Party Idea

The costumes can range from a simple idea to a creative one. The objective here is to set the creativity flowing. You let the guests decide. It can be a historical figure or a masquerade theme.

Masquerade, Creative Costume Party Idea

You can keep the option open and announce a prize for the most innovative costume. It will bring forth many inspiring ideas. Decorations can be contemporary so that it does not appear too overpowering. Do not restrict the cuisine to any region or era. Just focus on crowd favorite food and drinks items against a backdrop of great music.

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Outdoor, Pool Party Ideas

This theme is suitable for teens who love the outdoors. (It is also advisable to check with a majority of friends.) Once you receive a group opinion, planning is simple! Decide upon a beautiful and safe location for teens. Pack the camping gear and safety equipment. Nature will provide the perfect backdrop and games can be infused quickly. Talk to a local caterer who can deliver food of your choice to hungry campers! Else, plan a pool party inside your premises for an outdoorsy feel.

Hawaiian Party Idea

Floral and loud colors should form the base of the costume ideas. This theme gives a broad scope for the décor and costumes. Straw hats, comfy pants, grass skirts, etc.

Hawaiian Party Idea


These costumes are easy to create at home. (Costumes can also be ordered online.) While you can opt for a colorful setting, the food can be served creatively too. A welcome drink in a coconut shell is a splendid idea to begin the party. The food course can include traditional Hawaiian items. Decorations should bring the essence of a beach setting straight into the room.

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Teenage Party Games

No party is complete without games! While you can include favorite teenage party games such as Nerf wars, laser tag (if your theme is not elaborate), the game needs to be planned bearing the theme in mind. For fancy costume ideas, it may be best to include other forms of entertainment. Outstanding music, with delectable food against a magnificent backdrop.

Invitations for Teen Parties

Sending out a snazzy party invite in advance is helpful for the party attendees. Add pointers to the invitation cards to make things easy. There's nothing worse than miffed teenagers who don't have time for planning. You can send out a quick Facebook invite if you are hard pressed for time. Online invite sites like evite saves paper and time. Be creative with your headings as per the party mood and theme.

We are sure teens will have a fantastic time with their friends and family. Make sure to take fantastic selfies. Parents and teens need to discuss together and finalize the most appropriate party idea to make the party a smashing success! Do you have any unique teen party ideas to share? Let us know in comments.


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