Cafe Shop, Coffee Themed Kitchen Decor: Interior Design Tips

Haven't we all got that one favorite place to dine or grab a quick bite simply because we love the entire setting of the cafe? A gorgeous ambiance sets the right mood to gorge on delectable food items! Today, even the modest cafes have been revamped using some of the most creative ideas to create beautiful coffee themed decor.

Now, who doesn't love the smell of freshly ground coffee, soothing brown interiors, and the relaxed settings? But were you aware that a similar scene can be recreated right in your home kitchen? Let's take some inspiration from these gorgeous cafe themed kitchen decor ideas that will give you many reasons to gulp an extra cup of coffee!

Interior Design Ideas for Coffee Shop Style, Cafe Themed Kitchen Decor

What's the first thing you would look out for in a cafe style kitchen? Think cafes and the beautiful colors of beige with varying shades of brown crop up in the mind. Then, of course, we have the relaxed seating ambiance. Isn't this the reason people love to lounge around in a cafe for hours?

Apart from the food, there's a typical look for their cabinets, countertop tables and, of course, the crockery and decor items. A cafe style kitchen can include the use of pillows, a coffee table to rest your newspaper or laptop, and some beautiful typographical elements on the wall. It's not uncommon to see coffee mugs dangling on a stand. Before you get overwhelmed with all the ideas, we'll take a quick look at some of the basic cafe themes designs you can use for your kitchen.

Choosing Furniture, Seating for a Cafe Themed Kitchen

If you have a large kitchen space, create a cozy corner that serves as a quick coffee counter as a part of the kitchen decor. Invest in cushioned bar stools in a shade of light beige to lend a charm to the entire atmosphere. Place these on the kitchen counter. These are ideal when friends or family come over, and you can quickly whip up things while having a quick chat! You also have the decision to place a snug sofa set with matching pillows. Perfect to unwind over coffee.

Furniture and Seating for Cafe Theme Kitchen Decor

Have a smaller sized kitchen? Don't worry! Invest in wrought iron furniture sets. These look quaint and bring so much elegance to any kitchen space. There are so many beautiful coffee places that use this furniture for their outdoor or indoor settings. Prop some chairs around the countertop table and you have an excellent blend in your kitchen area. Apart from yourself these décor themes will surely impress your house party guests.

Utilize Cabinets & Utility Areas for Cafe Style Decor

Kitchens typically require a considerable amount of storage space particularly if you are someone who cooks almost every day! It's better to invest in a good number of closed cabinets with a sleek matte finish. Go for neat and contemporary designs to avoid the clutter. Remember, it's about creating an organized space with minimum disarray.

Cabinets and Utility Areas for Cafe Theme Kitchen Decor

Use exciting designs and colors that complement the coffee theme for your countertop table. At a distance, the countertop table will take a larger proportion of your kitchen ambiance. So, don't neglect this area as it needs to be functional and fall in line with the interior design. Tip: See how to recycle kitchen food waste.

Lighting the Kitchen like your favorite Coffee Shop

Have you noticed why you feel so relaxed in a coffee cafe? Well, it's the soothing feeling created by genius lighting effects. Try to use hanging accent lighting for larger kitchens. The styles and designs of lighting fixtures are mind-boggling, and it's easy to source a product either online or at your local store.

Lighting the Kitchen like your favorite Coffee Shop

Don't have too much space to experiment? No, worries! Work on a small area to create a soft glow in the corners. You can also opt for a brighter light over the kitchen countertop and smaller light fixtures over the seating area.

Cafe Themed Kitchen Decor - Colors & Patterns

While browns and beige take the center stage for many cafe styled kitchens, add a dash of maroon or black to give it an edgy look. Using plaids or layers is another typical features of coffee shop styled kitchen decors. Many cafes still opt for stylish window treatments and shades in plain stripes.

Cafe Themed Kitchen Decor - Colors & Patterns

You can finalize this idea if you are lucky enough to have more than one tiny window in your kitchen area. A lovely Classic Parisian Bistro (pic.right) style window covering will add a new dimension to your kitchen decor. Repeat the pattern in your kitchen table cloths, wash cloths, apron, etc.

Coffee Bar Setups - Add Personality to your Kitchen, Dining

Open crockery display is a common feature of many cafes. The intention of having accessible shelves in one corner is to demonstrate a range of ceramic cups, mugs and other utility items that have a stylish edge.

Coffee Bar Setups - Add Personality to your Kitchen, Dining

So, make sure you pay attention to the finer details as it is also an important part of such decor. You can turn a dull kitchen corner with a fantastic looking coffee bar counter. A coffee bar is an excellent alternative to the common drinks and mocktail bar if you prefer to not have one. It adds a touch of luxury to your perfect kitchen corner or the living room.

Coffee Décor Ideas for Kitchen, Café Style

You can also splurge a little on quirky showpieces that will take the interior design many notches higher. Nowadays live laugh love wall decor is very popular.

Coffee Décor Ideas for Kitchen, Café Style

You can shop for a cool wall clock, a funny display piece, some typographical elements, and more on online shopping websites like FabFurnish, PepperFry and Amazon in India.

The next time you crave for a hot mug of steaming coffee, enjoy this entire experience in the comfort of your home!