Make Frozen, Homemade Indian Desserts in Ice-Tray: Recipes

Indians are very fond of desserts. Mostly all people of Indian origin can tell you proudly that they have a sweet tooth. Since Indian desserts comprise of a lot of varieties, one can choose one for each day and still they would never run out of desserts. India many cultures and every state has more than several different types of desserts associated with its culture.

Since there are so many sweets to eat here, one often wonders how can they replicate whatever they want to make, at home. Since these desserts are complicated, we often end up buying it from the market or not eating it at all out of laziness. After a certain point as one can't cater to the needs of their sweet cravings.

Delicious Indian Homemade Cold Desserts you can Freeze in Ice-Trays

If you are fond of frozen desserts, we have many that they could make not only from the comfort of their home, but also by just using an ice tray. Isn't that amazing and what you always wanted? Listed below are some frozen indian desserts that you could make and all you need is an ice tray along with several other ingredients that are available in the comfort of our homes!

1. Frozen Gola, Flavored Ice Cubes

Frozen Gola, Flavored Ice CubesThe Indian Ice Gola of the most traditional Indian frozen delicacies that are readily available on the streets. A favourite amongst kids for the long time, this dessert is easy to make and is also savory. To make a Gola cube, prepare crushed ice and add different flavoured syrups available online (Amazon).

Try gola flavors like Kala Khatta, Orange, Mango, Blue Lagoon, Cola, Jeera Soda, Kokum, etc. Fill the ice tray blocks with the mixture and put it to freeze time the cubes set enough to hold itself altogether. Insert toothpicks if needed. Once frozen, take it out and serve it like a mini popsicle cube. Enjoy and also check some easy homemade mocktail recipes.

2. Cold Barfi

Ice Tray Frozen BarfiFollow the basic recipe to make barfi. But instead of placing the barfi mixture to set for cutting it pieces. You can do it much easily by pouring the mixture into an ice tray and get nice cubical shaped barfi made which are yummy to eat as well.

You can prepare Barfis mixture with condensed milk, pistachio, cream and milk and heating them together. It is one of my favourite Indian dessert of all. These barfis are the most popular in India and available at every sweet shop. And with the ice tray, the barfis will look very appealing.

3. Mini Kulfi, Ice Tray Kulfi

Mini Kulfi, Ice Tray KulfiIce trays can be used to make mini kulfis. Each ice tray compartment can be utilized as mini kulfi mould. You can also put a small flat stick on top of it so that it is easy to hold. Kulfi blend is very easy to make, and there are numerous ready-made kulfi mixtures available in the supermarket and online.

Kulfi mix comprises of condensed milk, flour and other milk products and for flavor Kesar, pistachio, etc. It is a very simple frozen dessert to prepare and very popular in Northern parts of India.

4. Frozen Brownies

Frozen Brownies Ice TrayBrownies are an all time favourite all everywhere in the world. There is no one who hates the thought of chocolates or a warm brownie. You can now make brownies and the recipes are now available everywhere.

Ice trays can be awesome to treat all these people as you will be able to make tiny little brownies with oodles of chocolate sauce and whipped cream. These melt in the mouth treats are easy to make as there are abundant, ready to make brownie mixtures available in the market.

Just add milk and they are waiting to go. For those interested in making brownies from the scratch and know how to do it, you can try the metal ice trays, and you are set to go with your cute tiny little brownies.

5. Frozen Fruit Salad, Custard

Frozen Fruit Salad CustardYou can make regular fruit custard or salad and instead of chilling it, pour it into an ice tray and freeze. Once frozen you will get these cute and yummy fruity pudding cubes that you can serve at a teenage party as frozen party desserts.

These desserts are so easy to make with the help of the ice trays that you wouldn't have to put in too much effort. Just try to keep a few things in mind: before putting the sticks into the gola or the kulfi, make sure that you cover the ice tray with foil paper or a cellophane sheet so that now when you push the stick inside the tray cubicles, it remains intact and doesn't swivel to one side or the other. Tip: Easy Veg. Salad Recipes

Also, keep in mind that the desserts have to be frozen or heated at a lesser temperature than usual as they will settle quickly because they are in small quantities. Rest, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the Indian desserts that people across the world loves to eat. Since you are taking the pain to make these desserts at home , they will be tastier than usual obviously :).


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