Best Lifehacks Tips for Living Alone: Kitchen, Cleaning & Organizing

Living alone and being lonely are two dissimilar concepts! Living alone has its advantages, and you need not feel isolated. You do not have to worry about your mom's raised eyebrows just because you have missed dinner­time! There is no one's mess to clean up (apart from your own). Staying alone also gives you a better perspective about yourself. You need not worry about being lonely when you live alone.

Did you know that a person can feel lonely even with a group of friends/family? If you are dreading the thought of staying alone, we'll give you some cool life hacks you can use. The next time an annoying person pops the question, "Oh! So you are staying alone. How tiresome can that be?" You will have an incredible answer based on your impressive experiences. Chin up, and bring on that smile because living alone can be fun!

Quick and Simple Life hacks when you Live Alone

Living alone requires a person to stay organized while learning new tasks. These tips should help you tackle the basics with ease and stop you from feeling frazzled. Here are some lifehacks you can use to make your stay a tad easier.

Simple Lifehacks for the Kitchen

This is an impeccable time to take your cooking skills to a new level altogether. After the cushioned comfort of staying with family, living alone will help you conduct a reality check on yourself. Here are some quick tips for an effortless time in the kitchen.

Simple Lifehacks for the Kitchen

  1. If you are planning to boil curries or gravies in a pot, the most common mistake would be the contents of the pot spill over on over boiling. An easy way to avoid the same is to place a wooden spoon across the rim of the pot.
  2. Every time you cook and mix ingredients, the spoon/ladle can get messy. Insert it into the hole provided in the handle of the saucepan. This is a neat trick that stops the gravy from dripping over the countertop table.
  3. Need to squeeze a lemon but can't seem to get enough juice out of it? Roll a full lemon under your palm on a hard surface to extract more juice. Microwave lemon for 20 seconds to get more juice.
  4. Rub a little bit of lemon with your fingertips to get rid of the strong odor of garlic cloves or meat. Then wash with soap and water. 

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Easy Lifehacks for Cleaning

Living alone has its issues as you have the responsibility to clean your house. This task, although unbearable, needs to be done. If you cannot manage an apartment cleaning service or maid, it is best you fix a calendar for the daily tasks to stay in control.

Easy Lifehacks for Cleaning

  1. Clean a mixer, blender in a jiffy by adding liquid dishwashing soap and water to the jar. Switch on the blender. Once done, switch it off and rinse under the tap. This saves time spent on scrubbing and cleaning!
  2. Dirt rings around the washbasin and the bathtub are a nightmare. To get rid of it, cut a grapefruit. Sprinkle some salt along with drops of the fruit juice. Use the grapefruit instead of a brush to rub the area. Wash with water and you are done!
  3. White vinegar is great to clean dirty faucets. Dip paper towel in vinegar and place around similar plumbing for an hour to get a brand-new look.
  4. Ever felt your kitchen sponge, dish scrubber does not dry out and raises a stink? Microwave for 1 minute and wash it with soapy water and attach it to clip. Keep it vertical to dry. 

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Lifehacks for Organizing the House

Ignore your storage area and you'll soon be living in a mess called as ‘home.' While it is typical to feel lazy, you need to avoid a large amount of work piling up at the weekend.

Lifehacks for Organizing the House

  1. Use a cloth hanger to separate your clothing basics. This lifehack is useful for compact storage. Clip your scarves and ties to a cloth hanger. Place it on a rod to locate items quickly.
  2. Add a curtain rod to the space below the sink. Hang your liquid soaps, cleaning cloths and other utility items.
  3. Use a cloth pin or binder clips on your table to organize wires. This will prevent the wires from tangling and accumulating dust.
  4. While storing clothes in a drawer, stack the items vertically. This helps you to locate your garments faster.
  5. Tie a knot together with a pair of socks together so that one of them never goes missing again.
  6. Label your cabinet drawers with PostIt notes so you do not have to memorize the contents.

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Dealing with Living Alone

Living alone may cause your mind to wander without control. Now is not the time to look back into the past. Every time you have a sinking feeling, always divert your attention with music, books, games, or friends. Don't allow negative thoughts to creep in.

Stay focused on your work or academics. You can avoid the burden of seclusion if you mingle with people in real instead of being 'social' online. Living alone will help you to organize your mind and your life as time passes. It is about enjoying your life in the present and making the most of your time spent alone. Living alone will not be connected with being lonely when you have a healthy work life balance.

Do you have any positive experiences to share? Do write in the comments below.


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