Good Movies to Watch when Bored: Films Suggestion Sites

Oh my God! It is that time again when you have a long weekend ahead and loads of time and, guess what? Nothing to do! Sounds awesome, doesn't it? With weekends getting crowded and uninspiring for long drives or short trips into the wild, catching up on some good movies with either friends or family seems the most likely option, doesn't it? Loads of back-to-back good films, popcorn, tasty food, and it just works! That is it. The weekend is set.

Alternatively, that is what you think! Finding good movies to watch when you are bored can be a tumultuous task especially when you have watched the best of the best. The latest blockbusters are something no movie buff would want to miss. Good movies that hit the box office have been watched umpteen time; in the theater and on the television screen. Today, leading movie channels air the latest blockbusters, so things have become even easier for the couch potato. However, then, there's suddenly a moment when you wonder, “I am bored. Now, how do I find a good movie to watch which I have never seen before?”

Find Good Movies to Watch when Bored: Best Sites

There's no end to the good movies. The content is there; the direction is there. However, they may be lost somewhere amongst famous films that overshadow others. These movie recommendation tools and websites are ideal to find good movies as per your choice.

  1. IMDb Search: This is a powerful and very popular way to search for great films. The site throws up a very appropriate form for users to access and fill in details. IMDb has an outstanding system that allows users to select the type (such as a feature film, or a documentary), specify user rating, choose the genres, and even specify the order of display.

    The results will give a detailed outline of your specified title. You will find movie details with the rating, reviews, votes, and a brief of the plot. This saves you time and provides you a clear idea about the kind of movies you would want to watch. By signing into an account, you can even find the specified movie title online on shopping websites. There's even a section called, 'Opening this Week.'

  2. A Good Movie to Watch: As the title suggests, this is a fantastic website to find good movies to watch. The USP of this site is all about highly-rated movies that may not be very well-known as compared to the regular money spinners. Some movies fail to make the mark because of poor marketing skills. A Good Movie to Watch

    When the content, direction, plot, and acting is on par with any other box office hit, such movies must not be missed! The site homepage gives the option of 'random suggestion', 'staff picks', 'all suggestions' or an 'explore' option. A click on the random movie suggestion gives an option of artistic movies with their plot details. You can check the review about the film. You can even opt for IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes to know what the movie buffs have to say. This site has a neat and clean design that all movie buffs will enjoy!

  3. NetFlix Roulette: This website has its app to find good movies to watch. The Netflix Roulette website has a fuss-free look in which a user has to go online and type in the basics. You can select the subject, use the advanced options that allow users to define the ratings, add a Director's name, Actor's name and even suggest keywords. Just select the option 'Spin', and you will find a new title with a primary outline of what the movie plot.

    NetFlix RouletteIf you have loved the movie, you can also share these details easily on Facebook or Twitter. Netflix offers a large number of DVDs movie lovers can dive straight onto. They also have an incredible selection you can watch online.

  4. Rotten Tomatoes: This is another fantastic tool to use to rate films and know what users have to say. It has an attractive layout with a plethora of options for all movie buffs. You'll find reviews, the latest blockbusters, top comedies, and even a 'coming soon' category. Specify your keywords to know all about movies you want to watch but have no clue about. The interesting feature is the 'Tomatometer' which gives average ratings, reviews, and even the most number of rotten comments about the movie! Watch the trailer online or order it from your favorite shopping website. The best thing is the option to 'rent' or 'buy' a movie online.
  5. Jinni: This movie recommendation tool is not about typical movie reviews. Select movies as per your 'mood' or specify the kind of plot with just a few keywords. Once you sign up for an account, you can read genuine reviews and know about their background before you watch a movie. Like other movie recommendation websites, you can even stay up-to-date about television shows.
  6. Movie Lens: GroupLens runs this non-commercial website. The idea of using MovieLens is also about helping researchers work on new experimental tools. Using their search option, you can find movies that are quite similar to your preferences. You need to create a MovieLens account to find personalized movie recommendations.
  7. Top Documentary Films: If you like documentary movies, then this is the site to visit.

How to Choose Good Movie?

Renting a movie that you have never heard about or only known about it for coffee conversations does not guarantee an enjoyable weekend. For all, you know the movie maybe a dud! Oops! There goes your money for renting a film that you thought was awesome. To avoid this feeling, we'll give you some quick tips to find a good movie to watch whenever you are bored. So yes, it will be something new.

Decide upon the Subject of the Film : Which genre do you usually watch? Be it drama, romance, comedy, fiction – the options are many. Sometimes, to find a good movie may require you to switch to a new topic altogether. It breaks your routine and gives you a fresh perspective about an entirely new subject. Moreover, hey, you might relish watching something new with your friends and family.

Be Considerate about a Group Opinion : The kind of people you are planning to attend the movie screening with should dictate the subject. If you are planning to watch good movies with children, ensure you select movies with the appropriate ratings. Select the movie title or movie subject according to the popularity as per group ratings. You would not want to disappoint anyone, would you?

Use the Internet to the Maximum : You have the power of the Internet! In a time that we live in, everything has become easy within few clicks. There are various websites and tools you can use to find good movies. You will come across some fantastic scripts and subjects that have created brilliance in the cinematic world.

Even if you do not have a choice and think you have exhausted all the options, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover many new movies to watch with the tools above. So, the next time you are hunting for a good movie to watch when bored, you know what you need to do. Happy Movie Watching :)


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