Get Soft Pink Lips Faster Naturally: Lip Care Tips for Quick Results

Lips are vital organs of our body that help us to talk, smile, eat, sip, and kiss. Lips are tactile organs and are sensitive to heat, cold and touch. The skin of the lips does not have the usual sweat or oil glands like other parts of the body and therefore lips become dry and chapped very easily. Thus we should take special care of our lips. Girls should take extra care of their lips since healthy, beautiful lips are an asset and enhance facial beauty and attraction.

As per scientific study, that most men find a lady's lips as the most alluring part of her face especially when she's wearing red lipstick. After meeting a woman for the first time, the average man will spend more than 6 seconds gazing at her mouth. It is known that for centuries, women have painted their lips red or stained them with natural dyes to enhance their appeal and to enhance their attractiveness. Pink lips or Red lips are considered most attractive.

Make your Lips Pink, Soft and Healthy Quickly

Lips that are healthy, clean, well maintained, soft, and smooth and having a pinkish or reddish hue are considered beautiful. Not everyone is born with soft, pink lips. But with regular care and daily beauty regime and by using the correct lip products you can surely attain attractive, pinkish lips.

Choose the correct lip balms, lip colours and lip products. With the right methods of cleansing, scrubbing and moisturizing your lips you can definitely get beautiful, smooth, glowing lips that would compel your buddies and admirers to think that you were born with such healthy, pink lips.

Prevent Darkening of Lips

Avoid smoking and sun exposure to prevent darkening of lips. Lip biting and lip licking are very bad habits that cause lips to become dry, dull, dark and even causes sagging of lips. Stay healthy and hydrated internally if you want soft, pink lips. Drink plenty of water, fruit juices and have a healthy diet including fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. Deficiency of vitamins, hormonal problems and internal diseases can cause lips to become dry and dark. Always use lip color and lip care products of reputed brands.

Cleanse and Exfoliate your Lips

Use homemade or branded, readymade lip scrubs to remove the dead cells and dry, dull, flaky skin away from the surface of your lips to reveal the smooth, pinkish, kissable lips. Immediately after using lip scrubs moisturize your lips and apply lip balms. If you frequently use lip scrubs of reputed brands you will get soft, smooth, pinkish lips very soon. The positive effects of using lip scrubs can be seen and felt instantly.

Home Remedies to Lighten Lips Fast

Homemade Lip Scrubs : Layers of flaky dead skin can be easily removed from lips using lip scrubs. You can easily make lip scrubs at home. Mix one tablespoon of sugar very well with a little bit of honey, to make a sticky sugar scrub. Apply this sugar lip scrub on your lips with your finger. Rub this scrub on your lips with your index finger for few minutes till some of the sugar gets dissolved. Rub well for best results. Vigorous rubbing will remove the layers of dead skin. Leave the sugar scrub on your lips for five minutes and then wipe it off with a damp cloth. Now wash your lips with water and apply lip balm or Vaseline. This lip scrub can be used twice a week.

Exfoliation with Toothbrush : Exfoliate you lips frequently with soft bristled, baby toothbrush. Apply some of your normal toothpaste on this toothbrush and rub the soft bristled toothbrush on your lips in circular movements. This method would help to remove the layers of dead, peeling skin. Wash your lips with water and apply Vaseline or lip balm.

Use Vitamin E : Buy Vitamin E capsules. Cut open a Vitamin E capsule and take the liquid out from the capsule on your palm. Apply this Vitamin E fluid directly on your lips and massage it gently. Apply before going to bed and leave it overnight. Regular use of Vitamin E serum lightens the colour of lips, heals dry, dull lips and gives them a pinkish hue. Vitamin E serum has anti-aging properties that makes lips soft and supple. Vitamin E fluid when applied daily at night will help to prevent the damages caused to the lips by sunrays.

Anti-Darkening Serum : This homemade serum can efficiently remove tan from lips. Mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with one tablespoon of honey very well. Apply this prepared serum on your lips to coat the lips well and leave it on lips for two hours. Then wipe it off with damp cloth. Wash your lips and apply Vaseline. The citrus extracts from lemon juice will help to lighten the color of lips. Daily use of this serum gives better results.

Use Proper Lip Care Products

Lip Scrubs : Reputed brands of lip scrubs give you positive results quicker. Branded, readymade lip scrubs are made of high quality ingredients that make your lips soft and supple and efficiently remove dry, dead skin. If you have dull lips with peeling, flaky dead skin you should definitely buy and use top quality lip scrubs.

Some girls have the habit of chewing lips when they are stressed. Some girls suffer from excessively dry lips because of winter weather conditions or air-conditioned environment. These girls definitely need to use lip scrubs to keep lips smooth and pink.

Lip Masks : Use lip masks on lips to deeply nourish, moisturize and hydrate lips. Lip masks have special ingredients that exfoliate lips and makes lips soft, supple and healthy. Lip masks remove the layers of dead skin from lips to reveal fresh, smooth, pinkish lips. Use these high quality lip masks to enhance the beauty of your lips.

Lips Balms : Lip balms are very important lip care products. They provide heavy moisture to the lips to keep them shiny, smooth and supple. Lip balms heal and repair dry, chapped lips and beautify them too. Whether we are using lip balms at home or office or at casual meet up, we prefer using tinted lip balms. Tinted lip balms infuse lips with subtle hues of natural looking colours while caring for lips. Tinted lip balms give your lips an attractive shine and sheen while giving subtle, natural color hues. If you want natural looking pink lips use tinted lip balms.

These are some of the proven ways to get pink lips quickly possibly within weeks. The purpose of this article is to provide tips about the latest trends in lip care and lip care products, but then you have to follow a healthy lifestyle and a daily routine to maintain yourself and you most attractive feature of your face. Along with lip care you can check out our review of the best shampoos in India for common hair problems.


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