Easy short, medium hairstyles for work: Cute & professional

If you are searching for stylish and comfortable office hairstyles for work, which are quick and easy, this article will prove to be the ultimate hairstyle tutorial. These short to medium hairstyles are perfect for office wear from all these aspects.

Few points to consider before selecting your workplace hairstyles:-

  1. Your chosen hairstyle should last perfectly for longer hours, throughout the whole office hours.
  2. The hairstyle should be quick and easy to do otherwise you might get late for office.
  3. Your hairstyle for office must be comfortable. A hairstyle that keeps disturbing you might negatively affect your productivity at workplace.
  4. If you have shorter hairs in the front, braids, and layers near your face, you can apply some hair gel or spray on your leading curls to prevent them from falling on your eyes and face.
  5. Select a hairstyle that make you look smart and attractive and boosts your confidence at the workplace.
  6. Office hairstyles are for every day. So choose hairstyles that do not require any blow-drying, hair sprays, hair dryers, curling irons, heat, etc. Since the daily use of these can harm your hair.

Natural Short to Medium Hairstyles for Work, Office

Stylish Ponytails

This is a very glamorous hairstyle that is super-easy and quick. Many girls prefer this office hairstyle. This work hairstyle has become popular since doesn’t need shampooed hair .

  1. Comb your hair properly to make it smooth and tangle-free. Gather your hair at the back of your head and make a neat ponytail and fasten the ponytail with a rubber band.
  2. Make a wide gap in the center of your back hair just above the ponytail’s rubber band using your fingers, separating the strands apart.
  3. With the index finger and middle finger of your left hand keep the hair-hole wide and separated, and while keeping the hole wide pull up your whole ponytail end and insert this ponytail into the hair hole totally and pull down the ends of your entire ponytail through the hair hole.
  4. Now your entire ponytail is inverted, and you will have dazzling hair twists at both sides of your inverted ponytail that is beautiful.
  5. If you want your inverted ponytail to have salon-like perfection, then you must use a topsy tail tool for making quicker inverted ponytails. You can easily buy topsy tail tools online.

Here, we have also provided video tutorials for both types of inverted ponytails- manually inverted ponytails and inverted ponytail using a topsy tail tool.

Making Inverted Ponytail Manually

Youtube Link

Making Inverted Ponytails with Topsy Tail Tool

Youtube Link

Different types of Bun Hairstyles: Stylish Sock Bun

Elegant hair buns are highly modern office hairstyles nowadays. You can also use decorative hair clips and hair pins with flowers, beads or sparkling stones to make your sock bun even more fashionable during office parties.
Steps to make a sock hair bun…

  1. Take a new, black, medium length sock of strong, durable fabric. Cut off the toe end of this black hose using scissors. Now you have a tube of this sock.
  2. Roll up this tube of sock inside out, slowly and entirely, from one end to the other end of the hose completely, till no more is left for rolling up.
  3. Now your prepared sock will look like a ring shaped donut. You can prepare this sock donut beforehand and keep it ready for use.
  4. Gather your hair at the back of your head and make a ponytail and fasten the ponytail with a rubber band.
  5. Insert the complete ponytail end through the sock donut. Now, keeping the sock donut towards the end of the total ponytail, spread around the ponytail’s end hairs upon the circumference of the sock donut.
  6. Now with your hands hold the ponytail’s end locks together with the sock donut, and start rolling up both the hair and donut together completely, inside out, from one end towards the other end of the ponytail, until nothing more is left for rolling up.
  7. Perfect the edges of your bun with fingers and secure the bun to your head with hair pins and hair clips.
  8. Your bun-making process is complete. Now, you have created a beautiful, large sock bun on your head.

You can also buy perfect sponge hair donuts online for puffing up your buns. Watch the video tutorial for making a perfect sock bun…

Youtube Link

A tip, make sure you do hair spa at home to keep your hair healthy. The big question for every day while getting ready for work is "what should I wear," is "how should I do my hairstyles for work?", "How do I comb my hair for office?". Hope you liked these unique and fitting office hairstyles for work.


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