Tips to write goodbye email to colleagues on your last working day

The reason to leave your job or your project may be many. Saying farewell on a good note is vital for your professional relations that may hold importance for the near future. After all, paths may often cross between colleagues or clients. It could be for a professional meet outside the office campus.

It could be for a seminar. Writing a professional goodbye letter to your colleagues and your clients will project an appropriate image about yourself. (Even if you are disgruntled about the procedures or feel unhappy about few particular colleagues.) Let’s take a look at some farewell email ideas you can use to make the perfect impression on your day of exit from the company.

Tips for your Farewell Email to Colleagues, Coworkers

We’ve compiled some essential points you need to understand before you begin writing the perfect goodbye farewell email for your coworkers. ­This will help you understand the components that should be included.

Pay attention to the tone of the email: Write the email on a friendly note. Do not make it too casual unless you are addressing best friends in the company. Remember, not every member of the team may be your best friend.

Get to the point: After offering your greetings in the opening paragraph, you can then speak about the motive behind this email. This is obviously to say farewell to your group of colleagues who were perhaps your best friends and how you cherished working with every professional. Speak about your departure from the project or the company. You may declare the reason for moving on is only for better prospects. Do not rant about any personal issues with some colleagues.

Pay a compliment: You may have seen many co-workers shine during a project. This is the time to add a line to compliment the skills of coworkers or juniors. You must highlight his/her contribution to the project and how it added value to everything. In the case of a client, you can specify how the project gave you challenges to discover new skills that added value to your portfolio.

Talk about the project: You may have to add a paragraph about the project details and closure. You need to bring the team and client up-to-date about the handover and how things have been functioning in the last few weeks. This should be a detailed outline of the duties and things that are pending if any. At this point, you may even introduce the person who will be taking over your job role. This will aid to break the ice and set the ball rolling for the new joined.

Always be thankful: Express gratitude towards the company and colleagues. You must write a few lines about your growth during the tenure spent with the firm. Talk about the support extended by seniors and every member you wish to be thankful towards. Since this is a farewell email, it makes good sense to show your professional side by not mentioning about any issues you may have had in the past. Talk about the positives and how it made your work profile challenging yet interesting at the same time.

Cherished moments: You may add a paragraph or two to speak about the good times you have had with colleagues you are as good as friends. If the farewell email is directed to an internal team then mentioning the names of friends and the fun time you’ve had would be appropriate. However, it may not be suitable while writing to a client. Mention about the fun you’ve had on team outings. Talk about how irreplaceable the memories will be and you will cherish them forever in your life.

Farewell Email to ColleaguesClosing paragraph: Avoid making the last paragraph overtly emotional. Rather, focus on leaving your new contact number or email ID so that you can be in touch with your colleagues. If you do not want to publish the new communication to an entire group, you will need to send separate emails to the concerned people.
Add a link to your professional website or social media account to stay connected with the current group. This shows your readiness to remain in touch but without disclosing your personal number.

Last working day adieu mail sample to Colleagues, Coworkers

This example is a basic structure you can use and modify as per your requirement.

Hello All,
I’ve had an impressive number of years with the XX company. The time spent with my team and clients on the site have been memorable. After much reflection, I have chosen to bid adieu to this lovely group of people to pursue new challenges in my field of interest.
Now that I plan to move on, I must mention certain personalities who have contributed largely to the team’s success and my progress as well. I thank Mr. A for his valuable support he has extended to this project. He has been the anchor and a right mentor for the entire team. I am also grateful to Ms.X for her vision that helped shape the success story.
I would like to mention that it has been great to interact with everyone of you on a personal and a professional level. The good times we’ve shared will always be etched in my memory. We may have had our share of disparity of opinions, but that was all in good faith. Even though I am excited about my new role, every person I’ve worked with will be missed sorely.
I thank the firm for their support to all my endeavors. The management has shown unending faith in my ideas and always been there for me when I was in self-doubt. The encouragement and guidance given by my peers have helped me discover new skill sets that I never knew existed. I have completely enjoyed working with this company, and I am thankful for having the splendid opportunity to work with every single person like you.
However, now it is time for me to move on to new opportunities. Although this decision came with much resistance, it has not been easy for me to say goodbye. Therefore, I wish to say let’s stay connected in the future rather than saying goodbye. I will miss your enthusiasm and support and continued cooperation. Nevertheless, this is just the beginning of a new chapter. My personal contact number is 123456789, and you can stay connected with me on my personal email ID.
Once again, I wish my colleagues a bright future and success for the entire organization that taught me a lot. I would like to extend my best wishes to the entire firm.

You may also add your personal stories and moments you cherish towards the closure. For example you can attach some of the awesome selfies that you have clicked during your house parties with your colleagues.

This will help to add some humor and keep the email on a lighter note. An additional line of connecting during the transitional phase can also be added. This is particularly vital because any group with a new reporting manager or co-worker may need to contact you for a couple of days even after you have exited from the organization.

These goodbye email ideas for colleagues and clients should give you the much-needed boost to frame your sentences for the most awaited day. Good luck!


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