Best Selfie Apps to Retouch your Photos, Add Makeup and Look Pretty

Selfies have taken over our day-to-day lives. Looking good and feeling the fit is now a way of life! Let’s face it. Everyone wants to look good in his or her photographs. We all wish for that magic wand to perfect a selfie. Not every one of us has loads to time to spare to struggle with Photoshop tools. Shouldn't technology be simplistic?

Well, the good news is, fixing selfies with minimum effort is indeed possible. You do not need a professional photographer and lighting effects to make your pictures stand out. There’s no need to worry about messed up hair or incorrect angles as there are many apps to enhance selfies. It is easy to zap that zit away, resize your features or apply a little makeup right in your app (no plastic surgery required)! While Instagram is a famous name on the selfie editing circuit, we’ll take a look at some more options.

Enhance your Photos with these Best Selfie Apps


Airbrush is a very useful and interesting app to enhance selfies. Picture this: you have an event coming up and need to update your social media sites. However, you are not looking as fresh as a daisy. That would translate into a very mediocre selfie. With AirBrush, you can quickly tap those imperfections away.

AirBrush Best Selfie Apps

With this app you can smoothen your skin tone, use a concealer to hide those dark circles, fade away blemishes, blur out objects, and even apply filters. It is the attention to detail in this app that enhances selfies a great deal. This app is ideal for people who love clicking selfies and using them on their social media websites. The selfie editor is highly advanced and no wonder the AirBrush app has fantastic reviews online.

Platform: iOS/AndroidPaid/Free

Retrica App

This is an entirely different app to enhance selfies. The usual trick lies in snapping a selfie and enhancing one’s features later in the editing mode. With Retrica, you can select and use your filters before clicking the camera button.

AirBrush Best Selfie Apps

Retrica includes over 100+ filters. People who love real-time filters will find this useful. The Retrica app also adds a retro effect to all photos. It offers a logo (suitable for your personal branding and to enhance selfies), borders, collage options, and a watermark to make it easy to protect your selfie. This app has excellent features that every selfie lover can use.

Platform: iOS/AndroidPaid/Free

FrontBack App

Wonder what is different with this selfie app? Well, the name itself indicates what it has to offer. The FrontBack app is ideal for those who love to click selfies without missing out on the background on the other side.

While a person can aim and shoot a selfie using the front camera, the back camera snaps a photograph at the same time. FrontBack is ideal for creative people who look to get the most out of their selfie shot. You can also explore more options with the front and back camera for this app. This is a lovely way to summarize your trips in selfies without missing out on all the views.

Platform: iOS / Android | Paid/Free

CandyCamera App

As the name sounds, this app is ideal to create the right ‘eye-candy’ photographs! Apart from a diverse range of filters available on CandyCamera App, you can get your skin to look amazing with a simple swipe to the right or left. While the app’s filters already beautify selfies, the beauty functions hold more importance.

The CandyCamera App is ideal to enhance your selfies further using its features such as teeth whitening, application of makeup (concealer, eyeliner, blush, etc.), slimming down the subject of the selfie, and much more. This app also allows an easy creation of collages which is ideal to collate multiple selfies. You can either apply your filters in real time or edit them after clicking of a selfie. Decorate your selfies with ease using the stickers available with this app.

Platform: iOS and Android | Paid/Free

YouCam Perfect and YouCam Makeup App

Both the apps are easy to use. The YouCam Perfect App allows you to edit photographs quickly. Within the first app, you can resize your features, change the shape of your face, and retouch photos to erase those zits and wrinkles. This is a great selfie editor to recreate collages with a fun element using its many features. If you have a higher version of Android, your selfies can come to life using a short video feature.

The YouCam Perfect App can readjust the height of your body, enlarge eyes, remove the background, and allows you to beautify every frame instantly. The latter, viz. YouCam Makeup App is more suitable for fashionistas who love picture-perfect photos on the go. No worries if you have no time for makeup. YouCam Makeup App allows you to plan your hair and beauty makeover. Get super shiny skin, amazing hairdos, change your eye color, and even opt for various styles of eye makeup within this app. Truly an amazing app and so suitable for the fashion industry!

Platform: Android | Paid/Free


This is a premium app. It is all about perfecting selfies to replicate the glossy magazine photos you’ve always been slightly envious of. One of the noticeable specialties of this app is in the filter. Use the filter on a particular area of a selfie to modify it further. Now, it is easy to use makeup contouring, or add a few highlights to the hair without any fancy salon treatments.

FaceTune may be considered to be priced a little higher in the market, but it does give a user complete control over the selfie. If you are already using Photoshop, you will notice the precise tools in FaceTune which are so fabulously similar to Photoshop. So you can airbrush your selfie, add lighting effects, wipe away those pimples, all with precise movement of your fingers.

Platform: iOS/Android | Paid/Free

CamMe App

CamMe is a free app that is useful to help users capture selfies without struggling to make their body frame appear natural in the photos. It is obvious to have protruding elbows and shoulders in a selfie in the absence of a selfie stick.

CamMe assists in eliminating these unnatural poses in the frame. You can quickly capture a selfie using a hand gesture. CamMe indeed allows you to click hands-free selfies (use hand gestures such as an open palm or a closed fist to give commands) and includes a host of editing functions for the perfect selfie. This app is great for group photographs as well.

Platform: iOS/Android | Paid/Free


This app is mainly popular for it seems to top the list of the Kardashian sisters. (What? We thought they were Photoshopped!) Well, Perfect 365 is touted to give you stunning selfies without an over airbrushed look and feel. Sounds good? Each filter can be set with a slider.

You can control the tone and intensity of the image. Get rid of those dark circles and restructure the shape of your eyebrows with Perfect365. This app has an incredible range of celebrity templates that will put the spotlight right on you. Alternatively, your selfie! Wow, is that why the Kardashian sisters have picture-perfect selfies?

Platform: iOS, Android | Paid/Free

Don't forget to read our tips & tricks for taking great selfies. It is easy to get a little carried away to click the perfect selfie. After all, aren’t we all a little spoilt for choice with the number of the best selfie apps available? List down your favorite selfie App in the comments below.


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