Cute and easy nail art designs for beginners you must try

Styling nails with cool nail designs and unique nail art has become quite popular among girls in recent times. Well-maintained, designed nails shows how well-groomed a girl is. Instead of traditional, monochromatic nail polish shades women nowadays prefer to have their nails designed with cute nail art designs. Nowadays, nail art designs are powerful style statements during social and romantic meetings, parties, festive occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Thanks Giving, Diwali, Independence Day etc.

Nail art is the latest fashion statement and if you want to be considered as stylish and modern you should flaunt those trendy nail art designs which draw other people’s attention to our artsy nails when we are working with our hands like writing, typing, cooking, or holding forks etc. Even when we are casually gesturing with our hands while talking or shaking hands or holding another person’s hands, our nails can be prominently seen by others.

Why Should You Design Your Nails with Art and Patterns ?

We all know nails designed with unique nail art designs are the latest style trends nowadays and very popular among the young girls.

  • You can wear nail art designs on your nail according to your mood, personality and lifestyle hence creating an unique identity at a party or social gathering.
  • You can showcase your creativity and aesthetic sense through unique nail art designs. Every girl wants to wear personalized nail art designs. You often show your creativity while selecting ringtones or caller tunes and while creating selfies for social media. Similarly, you can also flaunt your creativity through personalized, unique nail art.
  • When you wear cute nail designs on your nails, it gives you a sense of satisfaction. Cute easy nail designs would be appreciated by your buddies. A wide range of colors, patterns and nail art are pleasing to the eyes and uplifts your mood.
  • Nail art can become your favorite hobby. Unique nail art or easy nail design is inexpensive. You need not have excellent artistic abilities for creating easy nail design on your nails, nor do you require expensive nail art paints and equipment.

Anyone can create cool nail designs on nails. If you follow our simple nail design tips, you would be able to create cool nail art yourself at home. We have given tips for easy nail art designs for beginners too. Whether you want easy nail designs for short nails or cute easy nail designs, you will find everything about nail art here. We have also included a large collection of easy Christmas nail designs, Diwali nail art designs, and Valentine’s Day nail art designs.

Unique Nail Design Techniques, DIY Nail Art Tutorials

Here, I will be discussing about some of the easiest methods of nail art. You just need these commonly available, affordable things for easy nail design. Scotch tape, sellotape, nail striping tape, band aid, black gel pens, plastic bag/cellophane sheet and above mentioned nail art equipment and nail paints.

1. Nail Art Stripe Tapes

These are extremely thin, colorful, adhesive nail art tapes that are very cheap in price and are readily available in online shopping sites. Collect some of these nail art striping tapes because these are quite important accessories for creating gorgeous easy nail designs.

Colorful Nail Art Stripes

For creating perfect professional nail art look at home yourself, you must use nail striping tapes. These tapes are available in various attractive colors with glossy, metallic finish. Some popular colors available for nail art striping tapes are- golden, silver, red, green, blue etc.

  1. Apply one coat of transparent nail polish on nails and let it dry. Apply two or three coats of nail polish color on your nails and let it dry.
  2. Cut required length of nail striping tape using scissors for your nails.
  3. Using a tweezer place the pieces of nail striping tape on your nails to stick them directly on your nails. Press the pieces of nail striping tapes well on your nails so that they get pasted on nails perfectly. You can stick the thin tapes vertically, horizontally, diagonally or in various other ways, as per your easy nail design requirements.
  4. Cut off the excess lengths of nail striping tapes. Now apply transparent nail polish on your nails as top coat and let it dry.

2. Using Black Marker Pen

You can use normal black gel pen or a permanent marker like sharpie to draw beautiful black and white designs on your nails.

Black and White Nail Art Design with Black Marker Sharpie

  1. Apply two or three coats of white nail polish color on your nails and let it dry completely.
  2. Draw attractive nail design patterns on your nails with a black gel pen. Then wait for 45 minutes and let it dry completely. When you are using black gel pen, it takes time to dry totally. You can also use black gel pen to perfectly outline the main nail art designs.
  3. Apply two coats of transparent nail polish as top coat and let it dry completely.

3. Scotch tape, sellotape method

Nail art pattern designs can be created perfectly with adhesive transparent tape or scotch tape / sellotape. You can create amazing geometric nail art designs that look so perfect as if done by a professional.

DIY scotch tape nail art designs

  1. Apply one or two coats of transparent nail polish on your nails as base coat. Let it dry. Now apply two coats of a colored nail polish as opaque base color. Let it dry.
  2. Cut up the sellotape strips into geometric patterns or as thin strips. Keep them ready. Now when the base color nail polish is completely dry, stick the sellotape strips on your nails, rub and press well upon the sellotape strips to paste them perfectly on your nails.
  3. Now paint your nails with two coats of another nail-polish color. Then remove the sellotape strips from your nails as soon as possible when the second nail-polish color is still wet.
  4. Now, you will see beautiful two-color, geometric nail art design on your nails. Let this dry. Now apply two coats of transparent nail polish as top coat.

This nail art technique can be used in many ways. You can cut up scotch tape strips in various shapes and sizes. You can use more than two colors. Use multiple nail polish colors for an attractive nail design pattern.

4. Prepare nail decals using a plastic sheet

Using nail decals ensures similar shapes and sizes of nail art designs for all nails. Nail decals helps you to wear perfect nail art designs even on your right hand. Sometimes drawing and painting nail art designs on your right hand using your left hand seems difficult. Preparing and using nail stickers solves this problem.

Nail decals and stickers

  1. You will need cellophane sheet or plastic bag and you will require nail polishes.
  2. Apply two coats of transparent nail polish and allow to dry. Then apply two coats of a colored nail polish as base color. Let it dry.
  3. On a plastic bag or cellophane sheet draw ten miniature nail design patterns or shapes. Draw the outlines of the nail design shapes with a permanent marker and let it dry.

    Note: Drawing outlines of the design shapes first, with a marker, ensures same size of the designs/decals. Choose the perfect size for nail design shapes or decals that fit your nails.
  4. Now fill the outlines of the nail art design shapes with appropriate nail polish colors. Allow the nail polish colors and shapes to dry completely.
  5. When the nail art design shapes/decals have dried completely, peel them off from the plastic bag or cellophane sheet using fingers. Take help of toothpicks to peel off the edges of the prepared nail stickers/decals easily.
  6. Now peel off the prepared nail stickers one by one. Apply a coat of transparent nail polish on your nail and then stick a prepared nail sticker/decal on your nail. Rub and press the prepared nail sticker on your nail to paste it perfectly on your nails. Let it dry.
  7. Now apply two coats of transparent nail polish as top coat and let this dry. In this way, apply your prepared nail decals on your ten nails.

You can also draw and paint your nail art designs on coatings of dried transparent nail-polish upon plastic sheet. This method ensures easy peeling of intricate designs from plastic sheet, without tearing the main design or main nail decal. In this case, you have to peel the whole dried nail design or nail decal along with the dried transparent nail-polish layer, from the plastic sheet.

When you stick this type of nail decal on your nail, the dried transparent layer below the nail decal cannot be seen and you can easily seal the prepared nail design on your nail by applying two coats of transparent nail-polish as top coat. Method is quite similar as mentioned above, with just a little addition.

5. Using Band Aid for Creating French Manicure Easy Nail Design

French Manicure with Band Aid, Paper Hole Sticker

  1. Apply two coats of transparent nail polish as base coat and let it dry completely.
  2. Now stick the Band Aid directly on your nail. The semicircular end of the Band Aid should be near your nail tip, leaving just enough semicircular space to create a French manicure tip on you nail.
  3. Now apply two coats of white color nail polish on your nail. Peel off the Band Aid carefully while still wet. If there are any uneven curves of white color, they can be made even by applying white color nail-polish with toothpicks.
  4. Now allow the white color nail-polish to dry completely then apply a coat of transparent nail polish as top coat. Let it dry completely. Your French manicure tip is perfect and gives your nails a sophisticated look.

6. Use Pre-designed Nail Art Stickers

If you want easy nail design without any fuss you can use these nail art products. Applying these nail art products you can get highly fashionable and stylish nails instantly. These products are reasonably priced, easy-to-use and are easily available online and also in shopping malls. Whether you want easy Christmas nail designs, Valentine’s Day nail art, easy Diwali nail art designs or easy everyday nail designs, you can surely use these gorgeous nail art products for perfect nail art. If you want flawless, professional, salon-like nail art, you must use these popular nail products.

Loreal Paris Miss Paradise Nail Art Stickers (nail art appliqués): Loreal Paris Miss Paradise Color Riche Nail Art Stickers comes in five designs. My favorites from this range of nail art stickers are ‘Miss Papillon’ and ‘Butterfly Charms’. Both these nail art sticker designs have pictures of miniature butterflies and I absolutely love these attractive butterfly motifs for my nails.

Applying these nail art stickers on your nails is very easy. First select a nail sticker size that fits your nail. Then paste the sticker on your nail. Then fold the remaining part of the sticker on the tip of your nail and file off the extra part with nail filer to cut away the excess sticker. Also, nail art stickers can be cut in required shape and size to fit your nail perfectly. These trendy, cute nail art stickers are quite low-priced.

You can watch a video tutorial for correct and easy application of nail art stickers (appliqués).

Creating Cool Nail Designs: Step by Step Guide

Getting nail design done from nail art studios and salons can be expensive. So you can try doing nail art yourself at home. Easy nail design do not require expensive nail art paints and nail design tools. Whether you want easy Christmas nail designs or Diwali nail art designs or Valentine’s Day nail art designs, you can paint them all yourself at home without any expenses. You just need to learn these basic tricks:-

  1. At first remove old nail polish or dirt and oiliness from nails using a nail polish remover. Cut your nails in a proper shape. Wash hands and nails and dry them completely before starting nail designing.
  2. Now apply one coat of clear, transparent nail polish on your nails. Let it dry. Then apply a nail polish color as the the main base coat on your nails. Apply two coats of the base color. The base color should be really opaque. The base coal nail paint can be light color nail polish or dark color nail polish as per your nail design requirements. Allow the nail polish to dry.
  3. Next, start applying other color nail polishes for creating designs. You can use toothpicks, needles and bobby pins to create flower designs, polka dots designs, and geometric nail art designs with various nail polish colors.
  4. Let the easy nail designs dry completely. Now apply transparent nail polish as top coat. The transparent top coat will protect the nail art designs for longer and would give the nails a professional finish.
  5. Nail art is miniature art form. Always apply the colors precisely ensuring a smooth finish. Choose attractive color combinations. Draw the outlines of the nail art designs perfectly and patiently.
  6. Nail designs can be painted on toenails as well as finger nails. Nail art designs can be painted on all five nails or on alternate nails. In case of finger nails, you can paint unique nail art design on the ring finger only. In case of toe nails, you can paint easy nail design on the biggest toe nail only. The other four fingernails or toenails can be painted with monochromatic nail polish colors that match your ring finger nail design or biggest toenail design.
  7. Nail art designs can be painted on nails of both hands. If you find it difficult to paint nail designs perfectly on your right hand nails using your left hand, you can definitely wear nail art designs on your left hand nails only. Just be creative and fashionable. After all, we do wear bracelets or bangles only on one hand sometimes.
  8. Choose easy nail design for your nails. The nail art design that you choose should be comprehensible to others. Viewers must be able to understand your creation. So be creative and choose easy nail designs that you can draw and paint neatly and perfectly.
  9. Sometimes, in case of complex nail designs, it becomes really difficult to decide the direction of painting the nail art pattern on your nails. Sometimes you might not be able to decide whether a nail art pattern should face downwards or upwards or whether the nail design direction and placement should be vertical, horizontal, diagonal, north-to-south or south-to-north.
  10. For example, consider designs like animals, human figures, smileys, hearts, trees etc. An animal, smiley or even a heart shape facing downwards towards you, may seem comprehensible and perfect to you but viewers looking at these nail designs from the opposite side may find them incomprehensible and puzzling. So, complex designs like heart shapes, animals, human figures, smileys etc. should face the direction towards the onlookers.
  11. Sometimes nail art patterns can be worn diagonally. If difficult nail design patterns are drawn diagonally then both parties- the nail design wearer and the onlookers would find the nail art pattern comprehensible and really attractive.
  12. Easy nail design mostly comprises of polka dots, flower patterns, geometric shapes and stripes. For these simple designs we do not need to bother about direction and placement. These simple designs are quick and easy and look similarly attractive from all directions. For example, in the first picture the position of strawberry nail design given below is more easy to understand to the viewer. But in the second strawberry nail art picture the position of strawberry nail design given below may seem incomprehensible to onlookers.

    Strawberry Nail Art Designs
  13. Complex nail art designs when positioned diagonally often seem attractive to viewers. For example, notice (above) in the third strawberry nail design the diagonally placed strawberry on the middle finger, between index finger and ring finger.

Best Nail Design, Nail Art Tools and Kits

For nail art you can use toothpicks, bobby pins, needles, matchsticks, sharpened tips of pencils, tips of empty ball pen refills, the thinnest paint brushes etc. The basic colors that are required for easy nail art are- red, blue, yellow, green, pink, orange, brown, white, black, gold, silver etc. I have collected these above mentioned colors from Maybelline Color Show range of nail polishes. This nail polish range from Maybelline is reasonably priced and one can easily collect five to ten colors from this nail polish range.

Maybelline Color Show Glitter Range : Nail polishes have perfect consistency and they give perfect opaque finish with two to three coats. Maybelline Color Show nail polish range is thus ideal for affordable, easy nail designs. Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania range of nail polishes has shimmering, glittering particles and gives “sand-textured effect” to your nails. This range too is useful for stylish nail art.

Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy Nail Enamel : This nail enamel comes in a double-chamber bottle. One end of the bottle contains “holographic glitter top coat” and the other end of the bottle contains a dark color base coat. The shiny glitter flakes are slightly bigger in size and delivers “gorgeous, iridescent effect” to your nails. I love this nail enamel since it gives absolutely fantastic illuminating effect to my nails. I like the “3D iridescent top coat”. My favorite colors are Meteor, Universe, and Eclipse.

Best Nail Art Design Ideas

Easy nail design category basically includes design patterns like polka dots, flowers, stripes, geometric patterns etc. If you are interested in easy nail designs for short nails or easy nail art designs for beginners, you can browse this collection provided below.

1. Easy Christmas Nail Art Designs, New Year Ideas

Easy Christmas nail art designs are highly popular and are an important part of winter fashion. In the festive season ever girl wants to look special and unique nail art can become your latest style statement. Popular motifs such as snowflake, Christmas tree, reindeer, santa, star, candle, snowman, holly, mistletoe etc are widely used in easy Christmas nail designs. Some cute, easy Christmas nail art designs have been given below

Best Christmas Nail Art Designs Tree Snowman Santa



2. Simple Diwali Nail Art Designs

Decorate your nails with unique nail art designs and lots of color on festive occasions such as Diwali, Durga Puja and many other occasions. Beautiful nail art motifs such as rangoli, diya, swastik, lotus etc are widely used for easy Diwali nail art designs. Mehendi type patterns can be drawn on nails too on festive occasions and for marriage parties. Brown, Copper, Gold, Red or Maroon colors can be used for painting traditional mehendi nail art designs on nails. I have given Diwali nail art designs and other nail designs below.

Diwali Nail Art Designs

Grab this opportunity of being gorgeous and fashionable. Indulge in nail art.

Note: The colored photos of nail art designs and colored photos of nail art tutorials have been taken from the Internet.


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