Play Similar Youtube Music Videos Back to Back Automatically

Youtube is probably the website where I spend most of my free time at. Not only for watching funny videos but also listening to music. I really like Youtube's recommendation engine which shows similar music videos in the sidebar. So when I would finish watching or listening to one I can click to play a similar one next.

But I really do miss an option where the related music videos will play automatically one after another like music streaming sites where I don't have to click to play each of the songs in the playlist. But here's a fix...

Play Related Youtube Music Videos Endlessly One after Another in Sequence

You can create your own playlists on Youtube with selected videos but that won't keep the songs fresh. You have to have update it from time to time with new related videos. But if you are looking for something with automatic music streaming just like Pandora or Spotify etc does, check out this new app called Youtube Related Music and it does a great job.

Play Related Youtube Music Videos Endlessly One after Another in Sequence

The site is very pleasing to the eye and you have to search for a song in the beginning. Once you find it will create a playlist around it using related and similar videos from Youtube. For when you don't like the next song, you can skip to the next song. The site also shows a list of other playlists on the right for you to try as well.

Another useful tool which is great for your tablet or internet TV is Youtube Leanback. Developed by Youtube itself, I feel this is a fantastic tool where you can search for music and it will stream videos endlessly back to back in fullscreen mode. Apart from that you can browse though categories or playlist etc. Give it a try, its great.


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