Unfold Chinese Takeout Box: Turn into Serving Plate

You might have eaten Chinese takeout for sometime. They save us from those hunger moments where you can't cook a meal or can't go to a restaurant for dinner, and they taste great. But did you know most of us have opened the takeout box in the wrong way.

The box itself actually unfolds into a single serving plate which can be used as an alternative to a regular paper plate you might use alongside. This might save you on some plates as well as reduce the amount of trash after a takeout dinner night with your friends.

Foodbeast shows us in a video how the Chinese takeout box unfolds like a transformer into a flat surface which acts like a serving plate. One can easily eat from it without the need of emptying the content into a separate plate or a bowl.

Video: Transform a Chinese Takeout Box into a Plate

Here's is a diagram of a concept art of a takeout box that explains the same.

Unfold a Chinese Takeout Box into a Serving Plate

All you need to do is pull back the glue on the sides of the boxes, unfold, and then you have a plate. Remove the metal handle first if present. You can microwave heat up the box before unfolding also.

I live alone and generally cook Indian microwave recipes most of the time, but when I crave for a different taste I generally go for Chinese takeouts. This trick definitely helps a  lot because it means less dishes to wash after. I live in India and almost all take away boxes can be unfolded into simple paper plate, although not as effective as the one in the video but its something.


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