Bar Scams by Staff at Pubs, Hotels who Rob your Money

Fridays and Saturday nights may be incomplete without a visit to a local or may be even a classy bar with your friends and colleagues. But if you are picking up the tab for the whole group, make sure you are not falling prey to these common bartender scams and lost a bunch of money on under-poured drinks or lower quality substitutions.

Even though you may not realize that you may have been scammed, it a wise decision to be aware of these cheap tricks your bartender may be pulling off right under your nose for a profit from your pocket. Check out this video below that explains how common bartender scams work.

Top  Bartender Scams that Costs you Money

Shortening the Drink: While you are looking away or ordering from a seated location the bartender might take the opportunity to pour less than what you had ordered for. So you end up paying more for less. To avoid your drink feeling dilute bartenders will often dip the rim of the serving glass with the drink you ordered for which camouflage the diluteness.

Using a Rigged Measure: At a cheap bar or pub, you will never get the full 60ml when you order a large peg. Because these restaurants and bars use metal measuring glasses which have some space fillers glued to the bottom of the cup leading to under-pouring of the spirit you ordered for. For the expensive range of scotch whiskey that's a lot of profit for the bar.

Cheaper Alternatives, Mixing: After the first few drinks, it's a bit hard to spot the difference in the taste of a premium spirit and local cheaper alternative which tastes almost similar. Many bartenders are aware of this and often instructed my the management to do so. You are the one who ends up paying more. Mixing is very common, as well as low quality alcohol being used for cocktails while you are charged a premium price.

Besides the well known rip-off where fictional drinks are added to the final bill, these are a few tricks that bartenders pull when pouring out your favorite alcohol brand. To avoid getting scammed at a pub or a bar,  keep a clear head which is easier since you aren't getting much alcohol.


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