Easy Mocktail Recipes: Homemade Non-Alcoholic Bar Drinks

Abstaining from alcoholic drinks does not mean you miss out on the fun! Your reason to skip alcohol could be any. However, stopping yourself from guzzling drinks because you’ve stopped the intake of alcohol is unfair. The choices are plenty for men and women who do not drink alcohol. The term mocktail (non-alcoholic drink) has […]

Best Apps, Tips & Tricks for Taking Great Selfies on Phone

We’ve all done that. Secretly, Privately, Blatantly somewhat unobtrusively! We are talking about attempting to take the perfect selfie. In the recent times, selfies have been found in abundance on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. While some prefer to click selfies at arm’s length, those obsessed with perfection even resort to using […]

Tips to Keep Gold-Silver Jewellery Shiny, Remove Tarnish

People who buy expensive ornaments like gold and silver understand the pain to keep your jewellery clean periodically. The saying, "All that glitters is not gold" should be rephrased as "All that does not glitter, may be gold". If you buy silver or gold, you have to make sure that they are not in contact […]

Fun Ways to Teach Kids, Toddlers English Alphabets

The first major step for any child would be to learn the English alphabets. Since, it is their first attempt to learning the language; it holds equal importance to the parents as well. Although, imparting the basic knowledge to your kids may seem like a herculean task, it is not like that in reality. A […]

Remove Face-Nose Blackheads Overnight: Fast Home Remedies

Blackheads are disgusting, unattractive black spots that appear on the face, on the nose, near the forehead, cheeks, and chin. Blackheads form on our skin surface when hair follicles become blocked with oil and dead skin cells. So blackheads are not dirt but pores on your skin that get clogged with oil and dead cells. […]

Quick-Easy Veg. Salad Recipes for Summer to Stay Cool, Healthy

The sun has unleashed its fury, and the temperatures are already soaring high! With the heat seeming to drain our energy, one certainly needs to take extra measures to maintain a healthy diet. And when you’re speaking about the sweltering summer, salads are the most vital part of our meals. These are low in fat […]

Best Shampoos in India for Hairfall, Dandruff, Dry-Oily Hair

Hair problems are many and there are tons of shampoos. But what will suit your hair. Which are the best shampoos in India for common hair problems.

5 ways to reduce face fat quickly: Look younger, lose chubby cheeks

Face fat makes us look older, dull and unattractive. Women with slimmer faces look younger, appealing and beautiful. Moreover, a puffy face is not at all photogenic. We all desire to possess a photogenic face in this era of selfies, groupies, wedding videos and albums. A slimmer face makes us look healthy. Thus it has […]

Cute and easy nail art designs for beginners you must try

Styling nails with cool nail designs and unique nail art has become quite popular among girls in recent times. Well-maintained, designed nails shows how well-groomed a girl is. Instead of traditional, monochromatic nail polish shades women nowadays prefer to have their nails designed with cute nail art designs. Nowadays, nail art designs are powerful style […]

Get Soft Pink Lips Faster Naturally: Lip Care Tips for Quick Results

Lips are vital organs of our body that help us to talk, smile, eat, sip, and kiss. Lips are tactile organs and are sensitive to heat, cold and touch. The skin of the lips does not have the usual sweat or oil glands like other parts of the body and therefore lips become dry and […]

UBER, Ola: Best Cabs Online Booking Apps in India with GPS Tracking

Gone are the days where you had to rely on public transport or a friend when you had to go some place quick or reach on time as the airport, marriages and functions, etc. In Indian cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi getting a cab to the airport might not be a problem and cities like […]

Best Hair Masks, Treatment Oil Serums for Hair Spa at Home

Girls dream to grow strong, thick and long hair. Few like curly hair while rest like straight hair. Nowadays we can undergo chemical treatments to get the desired style which we prefer. Most use hot iron or blow dry for temporarily setting their hair to the a style that suits them for a party or […]

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