Cut Small Fruits Vegetables in Half Quickly: Grapes, Cherry Tomatoes

When was the last time you spend hours, cutting and chopping those small food items. A trick to slice them half quickly all at once.

Parked in the Sun ? Cool Down your Heated Up Car Interior Fast

Some of the best tricks you can use to quickly remove the hot air from inside your car when it is parked in the Sun, and resume your drive with a cooler interior.

Ultimate List of Best Shopping Sites for Women in India

I have compiled a list of the best online shopping sites for every Indian woman, category wise. Have a look girls and save money buying your favorite stuff online.

Block Unwanted Advertisement Calls & Spam SMS in India

Thanks to TRAI, spam calls and sms advertisements are no longer an issue. You can use the national DND (Do not disturb) service to block promotional calls and sms.

Avoid Bulky Smartphone Cables with NOMAD ChargeKey Dongle

iPhone, Android charging cable just became tiny and portable thanks to NOMAD. They have created a portable key-sized charge cable you can carry around anywhere along with your keys.

Bar Scams by Staff at Pubs, Hotels who Rob your Money

Getting drunk might feel the best on Friday evening, but not at expense of you losing money to bar scams. Here are few ways your bartender cheats out money.

Unfold Chinese Takeout Box: Turn into Serving Plate

Lifehacks are part of the daily life. The most frequent ones are related to fast food. Here is a way utilize a Chinese take away delivery box as food plate.

5 Easy, Quick Indian Microwave Recipes: Veg, Non-Veg

With the rising prices of gas and the inability to a gas connection easily in many parts of the country. A microwave oven is the best friend for people who’ve shifted to new city and living alone. Here are 5 of the most basic Indian recipes for microwave cooking you must know to fix a […]

Play Similar Youtube Music Videos Back to Back Automatically

Youtube is probably the website where I spend most of my free time at. Not only for watching funny videos but also listening to music. I really like Youtube’s recommendation engine which shows similar music videos in the sidebar. So when I would finish watching or listening to one I can click to play a […]

Fix Red Eyes in photos quick: Remove red-white Flash eye problem

Red Eyes in photos are a common problem when taking photos with a digital camera. Nowadays digital point and shoot cameras have in-built functions which fixes red eyes in photos by itself. But if you are still having problems with red eyes in your pictures, then here are some of the best and quickest ways […]

Create New Gmail Account in Mobile, Android Google ID on Phone

Google is surely the best at anything they do. The web world is ruled by Google. It’s surely the most innovative developing company ever. The Android OS is surely one of the best things that they have ever designed. It has revolutionized the world of smart phones. If you have a Gmail account then you […]

Turn Off Cellular Data, Switch LTE-3G-2G in Android Lollipop+

When I first got my Android mobile phone, the first thing I did was to connect it to my home wi-fi network at home and browse the internet, download apps, navigate Google maps and even tried facetime for android. Surfing the internet using your home wi-fi from your android phone may be a trouble-free experience, […]

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