Safety Tips for Women Travelling Alone, Solo to New Place

There is a nomad inside every one of us. Some ladies have already taken the flight to explore. Others are…

There is a nomad inside every one of us. Some ladies have already taken the flight to explore. Others are yet to find their path. Single women travelling solo is not an alien concept. In today’s times, travel companies offer special discounts for women on individual journeys.

With so numerous destinations waiting to be visited, women travelers need not feel intimidated by stepping on the unexplored terrain. Travelling can be a safe affair as long as you examine information and stay alert (not paranoid). Often you can trust your intuition if your mind is thinking, “I’m not sure if it is safe to travel alone.”

Tourist’s Safety Checklist for Solo Female Travelers

To make things easy for women, here’s a list of safety tips for women travelling alone.

1. Research Well and Be Informed

As much as we would love surprises, solo women travelers need to stay informed about their destinations. Let’s bear it; you wouldn’t desire to be in an ugly situation just because you wanted to have a ‘surprise element’. Understanding the place you are headed to will reveal a lot more. Do you have information about the transport system?

Do you know about safe accommodations for women travelers? Are there any health problems going on in the neighborhood? Get all the knowledge and facts you need from a trusted source before you begin the journey. For a longer stay abroad, you might want to register with the local embassy.

2. Get a Travel Insurance

On a trip abroad, it is always helpful to get travel insurance. Most young women travelers do not find it relevant. However, what if an unfortunate accident happens during an attempt at adventure sports? After all, everybody wants to have some fun but travel insurance will keep your mind at ease. (You can spare some funds by not insuring all your belongings if you plan to travel light.) Also, check your itinerary. If sports activity is not on your list, the costs might be reduced. Some countries also offer an essential cover. However, it is vital you read the fine print as many insurance plans have a distinctive set of rules.

3. Stash Away Some Extra Cash

Every woman who is is travelling alone always relies on keeping things in her handbag. But what if your purse and laptop are stolen? It always helps to stash some extra cash or valuables in less-obvious areas. You can hide money inside an inner seam of your clothing. Else, use an old envelope or objects such as an old cream bottle to store money. In the event your purse does get stolen, you have a reasonable amount of cash stored away till you plan your next move.

4. Be Aware about the Culture

Safety Tips for Women Travelling Alone to New Place

Behavior or dressing styles that are accepted as ‘standard’ in your neighborhood may attract unwanted attention in another destination. In some countries, being boisterous in a public place may annoy the locals. How you dress, behave, interact is vital for your safety. It is always dependable to be a little conservative in your dressing till you reach and settle in the new locality.

5. Make Friends but be Wary

Yes, lovely ladies. It’s true that we want to make fantastic friends across the globe. But, every handsome stranger is not as helpful as the cool Brazilian businessman from ‘Eat, Pray, Love.’ It’s good to socialize and interact with locals. Though, never give complete details about yourself.

Keep the conversation light, stay in a group, and always avoid drinking with strangers. It is not rude to politely refuse a question you do not want to answer. Remember, your safety is everything. Always trust your instinct.

6. Choose a Reputed Hotel

As much as we want to save money, it is necessary to choose a reputable hotel (although costly!) for solo women travelers. Always check the locks (use the bolt from inside) and scan the room for any sign of spy cameras. Never let any stranger into your room (even for room service) when you are alone. Take a room closer to the elevator to avoid going down narrow and empty passageways. Be courteous to the hotel staff but not too friendly.

If you are travelling in India, choose a reputed hotel booking website like MakeMyTrip or Expedia to book hotels that shows reviews, ratings from female visitors and overall safety.

7. Backup Matters

In the age of technology, scan a backup of your passport and other relevant documents on cloud storage. You might even want to save your bank account number and IDs in an inconspicuous way online. Let’s say, your worst suspicions come true, at least you will have the copies online to salvage the situation.

8. Pretend to be Well-Informed

Sometimes, you may tend to feel a little nervous about not being able to find your way. Don’t show the ‘lost look’ to strangers. We do have technology at our fingertips yet sometimes; the phone may not function, or the network is unreliable. In that case, ask for directions at local shops. Also drop a hint that you are meeting a group of friends to give an impression you are not really alone.

Being cautious is the best safety tip for women travelling alone. It is imperative that you also have a good time! In our solo journey, don’t let worries dampen your spirit. Follow these safety tips to have a great trip ahead.

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